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Living in Nepal- my very deep thoughts

Lately I’ve really been thinking about whether or not I could live in Nepal. Rabindra and I have discussed this recently and it’s something that scares me a fair bit. He has mentioned that we could move to Nepal if … Continue reading

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The kuirini talking Nepali

At every Nepali gathering, I am always the only ‘kuirini’. The word ‘kuirini’ means foreigner, or white girl, in Nepalese language. Some say it’s a bit derogatory, but on the whole, it’s a simple way to refer to a foreigner. … Continue reading

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A New Year; a time for life-changing events

First of all Merry Christmas to all my delightful readers. Rabindra and I travelled back to my home and then had a lovely week off together in Brisbane.  I had a truly wonderful Christmas break catching up with my family … Continue reading

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Language…don’t call me sweaty!

I think there’s at least one thing nearly all people in intercultural relationships have in common. That is the magnificent, yet, pain-staking problem of language differences. When I am with Rabindra and his friends, they generally are happy to speak … Continue reading

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