A conscious man

This is a bit of an add-on to my last post more generally about relationships and not specifically about culture. It’s about finding a ‘conscious man’.

I have pulled together based on conversations with friends and my own experiences.

A conscious man replies to your messages once he receives them, even if just to let you know he is OK.

A conscious man won’t ignore your feelings or tell you shouldn’t be having those feelings.

A conscious man won’t play games with you or your emotions.

A conscious man is honest, tells the truth, and doesn’t lie.

A conscious man will not just open the door for you and give you romance, but he will be passionate, intimate and will move earths to be with you if he wants you.

A conscious man won’t be creeping around behind your back using his words and moves on every woman he meets.

A conscious man tells you the truth when you ask him how he feels about you.

A conscious man comes home when he says he will be home and on time.

A conscious man can have a bad day, or a bad week, a bad month just like you but you still make each other your world.

A conscious man is a man who is willing to open his heart to your love and you have to take tender care of his too.

A conscious man is a man who makes you feel special, like you’re the only girl in the room.

A conscious man makes you feel like you’re his girl, his queen, his world.

“Be with a man who not only bends and licks your soul, but isn’t afraid to love the hell out of you.” – Elephant Journal

All else is a waste.

So, are you with a conscious man?

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One Response to A conscious man

  1. Nepalichori says:

    Great entries. I enjoyed reading them and appreciated your advice.

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