A powerful story written by a Nepali on the tragic and very real story of a Nepali girl shunned by her family and society. Topics include #Chores #Democracy #Menstrual Cycle, #Nepal #NepaliWomen #Period #Rape #Sexual Assault #Suicide #VoicelessWomen

Nepali Chhori

By Sanju Baral (Originally posted on Drishtanta)

We are the advocates of equality. Freedom is our mantra. We believe that we are free to choose our own paths, priorities and way of living. We are proud of our discovery of democracy, that says all people are created equal and all have equal rights to lead any kind of life they want. But, this song of democracy is still unheard in many places of world. One of them is my country, Nepal. The story I am about to tell is of Kanchhi, a real female character who still walks in a Nepali galli and still doesn’t know what ‘democracy’ is.

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