Published articles- my journalism work

Fate & Courage: Manish’s story – Copyright Dreams Magazine, Nepali publication, London
“The Last Laugh” Steve Carell profile Copyright 50 something magazine
“The Gold in Old” – Copyright 50 something magazine
“Changing careers after 50” – Copyright 50 something magazine
“Drum Beats” – Copyright 50 something magazine
“Child’s play” – Copyright 50 something magazine
“Elders around the world” Copyright 50 something magazine
“Jungle Juice”- Borneo travel article- Copyright 50 something magazine


3 Responses to Published articles- my journalism work

  1. Mahima says:

    Hello Casey
    I want to ask you something as on how would the relationship between your family, your husband and your parents if you were Nepali and your husband was white. I live in US and been dating a white guy and my parents made my life quite difficult to live at home so, then I moved out and they haven’t talked to me since.

    • b zey ta says:

      Basically, it’s a matter of trust. I do not know how did u revealed your relationship infront of your family members but yes, I spoke with my brother about my relationship and asked for his help. He was reluctant but once I convinced him about my choice he introduced my hubby as his friend to my family members and with time my husband succeeded developing a trustworthy relationship with my dad. And one fine day, my husband asked my hand with my dad in Newari and he said he will get back to him after family consultation. After 3 long days my dad asked my brother to give my husband a ring and invite his family over a dinner. It went well with me. U need to have a support and it only comes with mutual trust. Running away from the problem is not the solution to your problem. Find a middle path and bridge the gap of ur misunderstanding. You are not going to winover your parents if you keep fighting, argumentative and revolutionary. Sit down and bring them to the point to ventilate. Trust me it’s gonna be difficult to listen all what they have to say but at the end yes, once the toxic of mistrust is released you would have a platform from where u can have a new begining.

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