Nepali baby clothes

How cute are these baby clothes??

nepali baby clothes

For anyone with a Nepali baby these are perfect.

Designs include “50 per cent Nepali” and my other favourite is “Yes I’m bilingual. I can cry in both English and Nepali”.

On the weekend I went to my friend’s baby’s rice feeding ceremony and I bought him the cutest little jumpsuit which said “I can’t wait to have my first momo”.

I searched for weeks to find it the perfect gift for him and as momos are a right of birth for us people connected with Nepal, I was so happy with it. He loved it too and so did his mum and dad. I’ll be making him momos when he’s big 🙂

They have jump suits and t-shirts for little toddlers as well as some for us adults (I would never wear such a thing though haha)

You can buy them online at they ship from America and are slow and expensive but if you’re keen, check them out J

Here are a few links

Happy baby shopping J


P.s. no babies for us just yet, these are just for friends 🙂






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3 Responses to Nepali baby clothes

  1. Roshni says:

    They definitely are cute!!

  2. kaypublique says:

    Nice pics – off-beat onesies are the best

  3. Shandell says:

    Thanks to Aunty Casey and Uncle Rabindra for my extra special present for my rice feeding 👶 . The momo jumpsuit was so fitting for Kai’s rice feeding , love it 😊 look forward to the times we share and when Kai will be asking for more momo’s please Aunty 😀👶

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