Photo blog: School volunteering

In Nepal I spent a few days volunteering at Rabindra’s father’s school (he is the principal at the village school). There are 800 students and I had to stand up on school assembly and talk about Australian school life. Rabindra and I donated sports equipment to the school and the kids were very happy. I also taught a few English classes. I had an absoute ball. Here are some pics of my time at the school:


Above: The morning school assembly. Kids singing the national anthem.


Above: The kids trying to cram into a photo.

Below: The kids following me around.


Below: Image

Above: Prep class.


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3 Responses to Photo blog: School volunteering

  1. nepali jiwan says:

    This is making me miss my students! At the school I worked at, the students all had to stand in lines the mornings as well. It was really important that they stand up straight with their hands behind their backs, their clothing wrinkle free, hair tidy. It was quite different from the very lax public school that I went to 🙂

  2. basundhara says:

    You make a good job. The pictures are so wounderful. Where is this school?

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