Nepal is on the horizon

I’m not going to jinx myself just yet *but* we are definitely close to heading to Nepal in the next few weeks/months.

Just last night I was thinking about the one thing in my life that I want to do more than anything else.

It’s to go to Nepal.

For the past two and a half years I’ve dreamt about the day I will land amongst the chaos of Kathmandu.

I want to smell the dirty air, get lost in the maze of city streets and see those beautiful temples that everyone tells me about.

I want to see the mountains that all my Nepalese friends live underneath.

I want to see Phewa Lake, set amongst the Annapurna Range in the beautiful city of Pokhara.

I want to find out about the life of my other half. His history which has made him the way he is.

I want to see where by baby grew up, his village, his schools, the cafes where he’d used to gather with friends and drink tea.

I want to meet his family, read books to his niece and nephew and cook daal bhat with his aama.

But most of all I just want to be there.

Simply live amongst it.

To stand breathing in the place I’ve been so attached to, but yet so far removed, for so long.

It’s like the other half of my life, my missing life, and I can almost touch it.

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12 Responses to Nepal is on the horizon

  1. tashsn says:

    This is my dream to.. to one day be in Sikkim and see where my better half grew up and lived and all the things he tells me about, I wish to see it with my own eyes. I feel like I’ve already been there. I hope you get to go soon.. enjoy. Live it completely 🙂

  2. Bibi says:

    May I welcome you in advance to Nepal!!!
    I can assure you that you will be greeted with smiles & Namastes from the time you enter Tribhuvan International Airport til the time you leave Nepal.
    I’d try to make it to Nepal before the end of March for the best weather possible, you’ll be just in time to see the rhododendrons blooming in Spring! (October through March is the general tourist season, the most beautiful month of the year here in Nepal is November)
    Kathmandu isn’t that bad as far as 3rd world cities go. It’s actually fun & hip with the funky clubs & restaurants in the Thamel district- be sure to visit the ancient Newar town of Bhaktapur to see what ‘old Kathmandu’ looked like. See the living goddess Kumari in her tiny palace near Durbar square, Pashupatinath temple, & walk the Swayambhunath/Boudhanath temple (beware of marauding monkeys).
    No, Kathmandu is not the pristine Hindu/Buddhist kingdom it once was- the most obvious & saddening sight you’ll see are the gangs of street urchins dressed in rags & snorting glue out of plastic milk bags. The air quality is horrendous, like all 3rd world cities.
    Pokhara has a fun little tourist strip too called ‘Lakeside’. Try the pizza from a wood fired oven at Caffe Concerto at Lakeside, it’s the best in Nepal! Yes, your beloved & you can rent a boat & row across Lake Phewa in the shadow of Mt Macchapuchre. The flowers & birds are quite beautiful in Pokhara even now, more so in Spring.
    Be sure to visit Lumbini the birthplace of Buddha too If you have time. Visit Chitwan if you really want to see wildlife- they have an elephant breeding program & tigers & rhinos & gharial crocodiles- you can go on a safari!
    OK well as you can tell I’m a walking talking ad for Nepal. Can’t help it, this is my favorite place in the world. (and I’ve been a lot of places!)

  3. Ariapahari says:

    I thought you ha already been to Nepal before? Anyway this post is beautiful- you should turn it into a poem!

  4. nepali jiwan says:

    I love your second to last line…”To stand breathing in the place I’ve been so attached to, but yet so far removed, for so long.” I felt the same way. It’s amazing how we can be so attached to a place through our loved ones.

  5. tarasj says:

    enjoy and have fun wish i could be there too i miss it alot .

  6. tarasj says:

    Caffe Concerto i m from pokhara but i still dont know abt it let me try once thanks dude

  7. Basundhara says:

    That all I want too!!!!!!!!!!
    Actually I envy you sooooooooo much.
    I hope my time will come soon that I can back to nepal too.
    Wish you a good time.

  8. taswin12 says:

    What a beautiful post Casey…I feel so excited for you going to Nepal!! You will love it 🙂

  9. I can’t wait to read about your trip. I am traveling with my husband to Nepal in october to meet the in laws. I am really nervous but your blog helps alot with that. I’m kinda worried what to pack since we will be there for a few months and I have never been away from my small college town in the u.s for more then a week. How long are you planning to stay?

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