Random acts of kindness

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness?

What about giving a random act of kindness to a stranger?

Reading stories about random acts of kindness is one of the real things that makes me smile no matter how sad I’m feeling.

I recently read about a Brisbane guy who accidentally received an email invitation to an American’s girl’s birthday party.

A stray full stop meant the email meant for a ‘Molloy’ family member went to an email address on the other side of the world.

Instead of ignoring it, this guy sent the young girl a birthday present. He had no idea that the random act of kindness would elicit such a response online.

The mother of the girl wrote him a thank you letter thanking him for the gift for her daughter.

 “She couldn’t believe someone from the other side of the world, who doesn’t even know her, sent her a present, and not just any present, but six of them filled with cookies and goodies! I could go on and on, but to say the least, everyone who has heard this story has been touched by your kindness. It is people like you who truly restore my faith in humankind.”

It got me thinking; it’s little things like this that make you realise how life is so precious and how such small things can create happiness in the most unexpected situations.

I remember when i was about 14/15 years old. It was Christmas eve and I started thinking about the people in hospitals that night. I went out shopping for Xmas gifts for those in the children’s ward. My cousin and I delivered gifts like dolls, bubble blowers, toy cars. All the parents and kids were so grateful. I’ve never really thought much about that till now actually.

Also recently I had been given a huge box of chocolates as a gift. On the way home from work that night I was on a late train. I saw these skinny Aboriginal kids/teenagers and they were sitting near me talking alot but with manners and politeness. They were probably going to be on the train for an hour or so. I remember looking down at my chocolates thinking “I don’t need these”. As I was about to get off I turned around to them and said, here, have these chocolates. I’ll never forget their faces, they were just so happy surprised. I think they were too shocked to say thanks. When i got off the train i looked through the window and they had their hands up the glass looking out and smiling at me.

One of my best friends in the world Bianca is a cancer survivor.

She was diagnosed with a life-threatening form of cancer at 21 years old.

Through all the pain and disheartenment, Bianca loves to share a story about a stranger in the shopping centre who saw this young cancer patient had lost all of her hair.

He gave her all the money he had in his wallet. And it was a large amount too. Just ‘coz.

Here are a couple of other people’s random acts of kindness:

“I met my Mum at her work for lunch years ago and we went to a nearby park, as we got up to leave I noticed she had left 2 sandwiches and a piece of cake wrapt up on the bench and I said ‘Mum you left your lunch there” and she replied ‘oh no, there not mine, I leave them for Mick’, I said who’s Mick?’ and she just pointed to a homeless man waiting quietly across the park for us to leave and pick up the sandwiches. She explained she used to always see him rummaging through the bins in the park and as she said I have to make my own sandwich anyway, I may as well make 2 extra. What about the cake I asked, well that was just Mick’s little treat.”

“I was on a prepaid ticket only bus around Xmas. An elderly man hopped on and as he was looking in his bag the bus driver drove off. He did not notice that it was a ticket only bus and when he tried to pay with coins the bus driver told him that he could not and he would have to get off at the next stop. I had a 2 more rides left on my ticket so I handed it over and told him to have my ticket. When I told him that I did not want anything for it and he could keep it for his return journey the smile on his face made my day!”

It’s so true how small actions to one person in the world can foster such happiness amongst individuals, and in turn, the greater universe.

I would love you to share any acts of random kindess you have given to others or maybe you have been on the receiving end of one… please, it would make my day.

P.S. I have updated my blogroll because there were many I no longer found interesting and others that don’t list my site so why should I list theirs!! Hahaha

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3 Responses to Random acts of kindness

  1. Neo says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I really needed something to boost my mood today 🙂 Btw, how do you add that list on the side like you have of blogs that you follow? I am new at wordpress and still figuring things out. I tried to add yours but I did it under links and it didn’t work. Help, please? 🙂

  2. what lovely stories, so rare in these times sadly

    PS glad to see I am still on the blog roll 😛

  3. Nirvana says:


    I stumbled across your blog and it has made great reading. I am an Indian and from a Hindu background. I too blog on various matters including spirituality at http://nirvana73.blogspot.com/

    Would be great if you can have a look and leave your comment



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