When the path leads to somewhere…

Most people have some type of direction in their life.

They know what they want to do in their foreseeable future. It might be to stay and work in their country, travel at some point, marry their partner and buy a house.

It might not come in a certain order but at least they know they have options.

For Rabindra and I, certainty and stability is something we crave.

We want to be able to plan our life with some type of direction but it all comes down to what happens in the next few months.

The next few months will be testing times for us.

A month from now we do not know where we will be in the world. It sounds glamorous, but really it’s not.

Rabindra and I could be in Australia, we could be in Nepal or we could be in India.

You see we are on the countdown to getting news about Rabindra’s visa so that means we may have to leave Australia and we won’t know when we’re coming back.

On the other hand, we could be given a break from the hell that we have faced in the past 18 months and he could be given a visa so that we can go to Nepal and return to Australia when we want.

Nobody really knows what we’ve been through in the past few years.

The fear that has consumed us has played its toll on us, but thankfully our relationship is stronger than ever and I feel we can face the future with our eyes wide open.

For now, please think of us as we go through this next part of our journey.

It will be a time when our relationship is put on a pedestal for a government department to pick apart and analyse every aspect of us.

We don’t need to be questioned about why we didn’t ‘date’ for very long; sometimes relationships are like that, so please don’t judge us.

We don’t need to be asked why we haven’t married yet; that’s for us to know.

We don’t need to be asked why we didn’t live together straight away; it was hard at that time.

And most of all we don’t want immigration to question our whole reason for being together, because love, as many of you know, does not think, it just happens.

Signing off

Casey x

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10 Responses to When the path leads to somewhere…

  1. It took almost 6 months for my husband (then fiancé) to get his paper. He was offshore so it was hard for us to be apart but we had no option. Hope you don’t have to go through that and hope things will work out quickly. I think it helps if you make sure you have all the required papers when you file. Then once they open your case, they have no reason not to issue visa. Good luck.

  2. nepali jiwan says:

    I’ve heard that getting a visa in Australia can be really hard 😦 One of Tri’s cousins has been trying for several years with no success because he hasn’t been able to pass the English exam. Life throws weird stuff at us, but no matter what happens, there’s always an upside.

  3. lkafle says:

    grand grand grand writeup as usual , thanks for sharing

  4. White Bhabi says:

    I hope everything goes okay. Immigration can be a pain. Uncertainty is definitely hard and trying to plan for so many ways that your life may go at once is even harder. It’s tiring. I was glad to read your relationship is strong though because that is what matters. The rest will fall in line. Life will keep going even if you’re not ready for it. But having each other will make it all so much more manageable as loneliness is never the way to go.

  5. amanda says:

    This is exactly how i feel and no one understands. I just want to be able to make a plan for longer tan a month. Right now i can’t get a job, i can’t sign a lease, all i can do is sit and wait for the decision. It is so frustrating.

  6. Basundhara says:

    Hi now I had read in you blog too. First I wish you good luck for the visa,
    I know about that problem a lot of. Germany’s immigrations ist really hard too. To that time, me and my Nepali boyfriend try to get a visa for get a married in Germany. We started our apply in february this year, till now we got so much trouple. But we fighting………
    Two times my borfriend got a tourist visa for germany, for each 3 months. Defiantly to get a visa for married is most difficult……..

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