Welcome to a Nepali male blogger

It’s been discussed a few times that there are very few, if any at all, perspectives from men in intercultural relationships.

Well now there is.

A big welcome to Bideshi Biya.

Here is a bit about him:

“Her distant nephew did end up staying in America after getting married to a cute little caucasian girl with brown eyes and a heart of gold.

“For some reason the phrase “bideshi biya” has stuck in my mind over all these years. I live near the West Coast of the United States with my beautiful wife of almost 10 years (Shreemati on this blog). I have three wonderful daughters: Thuli, Maili and Kanchi (all blog names of course). I have fairly typical middle class American life in the suburbs.

“Shreemati and I have been through a lot over the past 16 years that we’ve known each other. We dated for a few years before finally getting married and as we approach our 10th wedding anniversary I could not have been happier. But that is not to say the stares, the glares, the questions, the answers of inter-cultural marries has not been challenging. It’s been a journey for sure.

“There are issues of communication, love, discipline, religion, children, education, in-laws, family-visits etc., that make this combination of marriage particularly fascinating, heart-breaking and exciting all at the same time.”

You can visit his blog here: http://bideshibiya.wordpress.com/

A big welcome from all of us in the blogging world!

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4 Responses to Welcome to a Nepali male blogger

  1. americanepali says:

    Thanks for the link!! 🙂

  2. Shreeman says:

    Thanks for the shout out WGS. You have a great blog here and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I’m slowly making it through. Lots of ideas here too for my blog.

  3. Ula says:


    I was going through your blog and really enjoyed it. I have recently set up a website for poeple who are in mixed relationships (from all over the world) where they can exchange their experience.

    If you find it interesting, feel free to post there 🙂

    Thank you,


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