For the love of God….,I mean, cricket.

If any of you desi girls haven’t seen your other half lately, you’ll know, like me, what’s happened.

An all-consuming, life-changing event is taking place leaving many a woman sleeping alone for nights on end.

Yes you know what I am talking about.

The Cricket World Cup is on at the moment in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

If you have a cricket tragic man in the house, you probably haven’t seen him much over the past week and it’s only going to get worse as the matches get more interesting.

It’s safe to say the biggest cricket fans in the world come from south-east Asia (even Nepal where their national team isn’t good).

This year Rabindra says he is supporting Sri Lanka and Australia. He changes his mind all the time though so who knows…

It’s safe to say Rabindra lives and breathes cricket and will spend most of the night watching cricket rather than sleeping.

For me it’s not too bad because I actually like cricket. I have since I was a young girl and I am one of those freaks who enjoys watching a 5-day test without getting bored.

I know 80% of the players and can talk a lot about cricket.

But after meeting Rabindra my love and interest in cricket has dropped a bit because I am not interested in watching EVERY SINGLE MATCH PLAYED IN THE WORLD and I don’t talk about it as I am going to bed nor is it the first thing I think about when I wake up.

I only usually watch games that Australia are playing. However at the moment it’s the number one talking point in our house.

And with cricket comes his other true love. Not me. No.


This is a big shout out to all cricket ‘widows’ who’ll be seeing a lot of cricket and beer in their house this month and not so much lovin’. Hehe…

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13 Responses to For the love of God….,I mean, cricket.

  1. ammena says:

    lol… we have been watching the Pakistan matches since it started.. I dont generally have a love for cricket but ever since I can remember being around south east asians Ive always enjoyed watching it 🙂 and I tend to forget that when there is none on lol

  2. intercultured says:

    We made a deal – Saturday shopping, Sunday watching cricket. It worked 🙂 I wouldn’t be able to spend the whole weekend being asked to come to the room with TV every 5 minutes, just because “you have to see it! this was awesome!” It is awesome indeed for the first 20 minutes. After that I’m just SO BORED. 😉

    • you got a good deal 🙂 We can’t even go to the movies on the wkend because, god forbid, we’ll miss some of the cricket. anyways i wouldn’t have it any other way. crazy boy but i love him so got to take the good with the bad

  3. americanepali says:

    Oh dear. Lucky for me P isn’t a big cricket fan… although he has taken to watching a few of the more anticipated matches streaming online. He is a soccer (excuse me, “football”) freak instead. Fifa World Cup time is like a national holiday in our house. I’m not necessarily interested in watching all the British Premier League games, but I’ve learned to get into the World Cup.

    Since P is such a fan of BPL soccer, it has influenced his Cricket choices, so I think he is rooting for England.

    Good luck Cricket widows.

  4. Kayla says:

    Luckily, it’s on at night here and I go to bed before it starts. Aj stays up late anyway, so he’s been watching it on his laptop. I woke up at 3:30am on Saturday night to find him on the couch, sound asleep, with his laptop on his lap – finger still on the mouse pad! When I woke him up, he was so upset that he fell asleep and missed the England/India game. He’s the same way with the major tennis tournaments though, so I’m fairly used to it.

  5. blonde.bahu says:

    Oh my. Oh my. Mr. 4B made sure to be up by 4 AM on the day of the India/England match. I’m sure the game is much more fun if you understand the basics of it and grew up playing it outside, but for me, it’s just incredibly dull. I think I might like it better if I saw a game in the stadium and was surrounded by a crowd reacting. I’ve honestly never been sports fanatic, so maybe that’s part of my problem.

  6. taswin12 says:

    My man, who’s neither Desi or Aussie and is an absolute football (soccer) fanatic, can’t stop laughing when I talk about cricket (I can also enjoy a 5 day test match, but certainly not watch every game going on). He compares it to lawn bowls and thinks I’m speaking a foreign language…”he took 3 wickets”, “he got stumped for a duck”…I never realised how weird a sport it is until he pointed it out to me!!

    ps your blog has inspired me to write my own – I am in serious need of some therapy (!!)

  7. Annieb25 says:

    Hello Casey, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me your comment. I totally know where you are at & if you ever want to talk more, feel free to email me anytime. My email address is on my blog. xx

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