Rivalry between Indians and Nepalese

So my Nan rang me in a flurry the other day.

She’d had a conversation with an Indian taxi driver about Nepalese people. My Nan didn’t mention us but she asked the driver what he thought of Nepalese men.

His response was “In Australia, all they are interested in is having fun, partying and white girls.”

She got worried. Even though she loves Rabindra, I guess hearing anything negative like that makes you think. I must admit when she told me I felt a little sick in the stomach too.

I was upset that someone could make such a generalisation about the entire male population of Nepal and that it had an effect on my grandmother who knows nothing else about Nepal except what we tell her.

And then I wondered, why would he think this?

None of Rabindra’s friends are in a relationship with a white person. He is the only one. They are mostly settled down and married with Nepali girls. And the ones that aren’t married aren’t really that into partying and certainly not all about ‘white girls’.

I told Rabindra and he was infuriated. He said some Nepali were like that but not many and that Indians were worse. Stereotypes much??

Now that I think about it, whenever I speak to some Indian guys they are really talkative but when I mention that my partner is Nepali, they don’t say anything rude but they kinda stop talking to me.

I’ve asked Aussies who’ve travelled to Nepal what they thought of Nepalese men and they didn’t say anything bad like what the taxi driver said (they also didn’t know I am with a Nepali man).

Anyway I told my nan that there is a bit of an Indian v Nepalese rivalry out there from what I hear and see.

I’m aware of the political history between India and Nepal and can understand why some of the rivalry exists.

So does anyone know if there’s more to this and why there is a rivalry between Indian and Nepalese men?

Also do you/ your spouse have any impressions about Nepali people or if you are from any country other than India, do you have an overall impression about Indian men?

Maybe I am making a generalisation by even asking these questions but I thought I’d put it out there. Just so you know, I am interested in all impressions whether they are positive or negative. By the way, none of these are right or wrong.

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  1. Grace says:

    I wouldn’t say it is a rivalry – and I wouldn’t say that any Indian men would really have any idea what Nepalese guys get up to, because they all like to stick to what they know – their own kind!!

    Vishav and I have never discussed Nepalese people, nor any preference or tensions between the two…

    I guess you could say it is like Aussie guys and American guys – naturally Aussie guys will want to talk themselves up and naturally American guys will do the same for themselves!

    At least that is what I know, I would love to hear from Nepalese guys on the matter & I agree with Rabindra that Indians (esp Punjabis) are notorious for what the taxi driver was talking about!!

    This stuff is also dependent completely on the circle of friends you have.
    You and Rabindra are educated, and have responsible and family oriented friends.

    Often the type of guys that you find driving cabs, don’t quite fit that (except my Vishav :P) and the driver may well have been talking about Nepalese drivers he knows!!

    Perspective…. I guess…

    Go Nanna for having your back!

    • I think you’re right about them wanting to talk themselves up. Glad you commented and put some perspective on this topic

      • Luna D says:

        Okay. Let me tell you about me. I am a Nepali who married an Indian guy  I still am a very proud Nepalese.
        Rivalry between Indian and Nepal had been there forever. But is it called even called “rivalry” if it’s only from one side? Most Indians don’t even know that Nepalese hate them so much! But as far are Nepalese are concerned, all if us hate India. Indians do not hate Nepalese, but many of them do look down upon us, as most of the Nepalese in India, that they have seen growing up, are maids and watchmen. This is however changing slowly (at least I would like to believe that).
        By now, other readers of yours have written about why Nepalese hate India, the real reasons. But do all Nepalese know all those political details? How India has dominated Nepal, etc. The answer is “No”. They don’t know. In fact, they wouldn’t have interacted with a single Indian in their whole life. So why does the majority population hate them? It is something that is taught since childhood, not intentionally though. If father hates someone, the son will too and so on. So, most Nepalese hate Indians but actually don’t know why they hate them. They just hate their guts, period!
        I would like to tell you an incident. I did my graduation from India. When I started dating an Indian guy, the Nepalese who were nice to me before, stopped talking to me and out casted me. Moreover, one of them was so mad at me that he called up my parents in Kathmandu and told them that I was having “fun” with an Indian and they should do something about it. Just imagine!
        What I have noticed is that Nepalese who come to India for work or for studies, start developing a liking for India, slowly. When they stay here and interact, they see that Indians are not that bad after all.
        Well about the taxi driver’s comment, it was just not fair of him to say such a thing. But since I have been a part of both the cultures, I can understand where he is coming from. Let me explain. I come from a Brahmin Family in Nepal. We eat meat, we drink with parents. I don’t see anything wrong in that. But, my in-laws are vegetarians; leave alone the “alcohol” part. It’s a cultural shock to them. We Nepalese love to drink but in Indian we still find many young teetotalers. That’s why he must have made that comment. Indians are still more conservative (and sometimes even orthodox) than us Nepalese.
        So to answer your question, again not generalizing but with my experience “I” find Nepalese guys a little more casual about relationships. They move on fast. When it comes to Indian guys, they are more committed and serious. But then, Nepalese guys are more liberal and don’t control their spouses as much. Here in India, I have seen more control. Indian guys show more respect to elders. My hubby has become my parents’ favorite son in law now. I love him more just because he loves and respects my parents as much as I do. Indian are not very adjusting, they need their way, their food, their culture everywhere. Nepalese adjust to any environment and new people very easily. They become Romans on Rome effortlessly. Again this is just my opinion; based on my experience.
        Nepalese see Bollywood movies, love Sharukh Khan, see Indian TV series, sing hindi songs, dance to them in parties; use Made in India stuff; but they hate India! This is the bitter irony. I so wish things change.
        Both Indian and Nepalese are great people. My dad is a Nepalese and my husband is an Indian. I feel bad if either of the two countries are called names and stereotyped. But I will always be a Nepali at heart coz that is who I am. But I don’t hate India or Indians any more. I only hate the joker politicians of my country. I have seen India grow so much in the last 10 year and my country is still struggling for stability.
        Let’s spread love and not hatred. Don’t hate any race or kind. Tell your husband to make some Indian frens without any perception. I am sure he will think why he had so much unnecessary pain in his heart all these years for something that may or may not be there. No one should hate no one 

      • Nationalist says:

        Luna D, stop your “Nepalese hate them so much!” BULLSHIT.


        And not all Indians are epitome of character either, I have heard of many painful stories of Nepalis who were discriminated in India.

        About some 7 months ago, a Nepali woman was RAPED TWICE the same f#king day, their Media didn’t even publish it. Anyway, I don’t blame ordinary Indians for this, soi will leave this matter out.

        Back to the topic, the FACT is:

        Nepalese don’t like Indian BSF looting Nepali land, that’s it. Indian Media fuels the fire by publishing fake news that Nepal looted Indian land. Indians don’t know about Indian BSF problem in Nepal and won’t accept it (out of ignorance). But it’s a FACT.

        If ‘love for your country, and desire to save your country from being ripped off’ is “Anti-India” and/or a crime, and racism, then Indians are also racist, for they hate Pakistan and China for entering Indian land.

      • Nationalist says:

        Luna D, stop your “Nepalese hate them so much!” BULLSHIT


        China enters Indian land, and Indians don’t like it.
        Indian BSF LOOTS Nepali land, and we don’t like it.

        If Nepalis are “Anti-India” and racist for loving Nepal, and trying to protect Nepalese land, then Indians are also racist for hating China and Pakistan for trying to enter Indian Land.



        Indian Road inside Nepali Land

        You can still LIE to YOURSELF that Nepalis are “Anti-India” and racist if you want to, but FACTS won’t change.

      • rijan says:

        and let me tell you a fact luna d..if a nepali girls like a indian guy,that is because he has money,period…don’t tell about guts or something..you just accepted him,may be because he has car or something otherwise nepali girls don’t give two shit about ordinary indian guy…but they are bitches,,,i’m sorry but they are,not all of them…but they can be lured so easily with money..so nepali girls are making many indian boyfriend with money these days..

  2. gallas says:

    rivalry between india nepal is yet unseen or unheard of, its the only country in the world whose citizens can travel freely into ours without requiring visas. A good number of immigrant nepalese labourers work in the my town in east india. they are honest, hardworking, trustworthy, gentle people. and of course they celebrate all hindu festivals.

    • Thanks gallas. I guess people speak about the topic more openly here in Aus

    • rahul b says:

      A whole lot of Pakis/terrorists etc. enter our country that way you moron. You expect me to believe a young country of 1.2 billion people needs more workers – Nepali or otherwise??

      • gallas says:

        go fight nepalis if it calms ur pea-sized brain… and then italy for running a puppet govt … and then oz for race attacks … and then …

      • let’s calm down guys, end of discussion on this matter!

      • rabin says:

        I think you are the biggest moron. Go to the school and ask your geography teacher. Nepal is a country sharing border with only two countries “india and china”. chinese needs visa to come to nepal while indian doesnt. how can you tell terrorist from pakisan enter india from nepal?

      • Ashish says:

        The border travelling goes the other way as well. Nepal, a country with high unemployment rates has the highest number of Indian workers in the world.

    • Kumar Sharma says:

      even more Indian comes to nepal
      for prof you can come to nepal see whole city is covered by the Indian vendor, Berbers, bathroom cleaner etc
      at least Nepali are in the top of all regiment in your army,
      securing your property.
      all Indian are considered dark skinned and they are curse of Nepal among the beautiful facial feature of Nepalese people.

      • Anonymous says:

        > at least Nepali are in the top of all regiment in your army, securing your property.

        As far as I know, Nepali are in the LOWER level, NOT “top” in Indian Army. Still, a source would be appreciated.

        > all Indian are considered dark skinned and they are curse of Nepal

        You are NOT supposed to say that to Indians. That’s considered RACISM. I like them regardless of they are white, red or black. They are in everyway similar to us. We are BROTHER by Blood.
        I don’t have ANY problem with them coming to my Country, I love both India and Nepal, and as long as they don’t start making political turmoil (like Indian immigrants “Madhesi” are doing), they’re more than Welcome.

  3. americanepali says:

    I have to say that there IS a bit of a rivalry, even if it is one-sided. I liken the Nepali-Indian dichotomy to the Canada-US situation as well. America has a larger population, is more politically and economically powerful in the world and has a lot of cultural capital (Hollywood, television, music, etc). Canada has a smaller population, not as much clout on the socio-political stage, and has a lot of imported cultural capital from the US. The demographics are similar enough in Canada to certain places in the US that it doesn’t feel “all that different” than the US (having grown up relatively close to the Canadian border, I can tell you we never felt that traveling to Canada was “really” going somewhere international). So because of this, I’d say some Canadians might have a bit of hard feelings towards the US– this “big brother” entity that can swing it’s weight around.

    Nepal-India is kind of similar. India is this huge powerhouse in the region. Their currency is stronger, their cultural capital (at least Bollywood, and Hindi language) are broadcast across the borders, and much of Nepal’s infrastructure and policies are tied to the larger country– like their energy policies, which have been quite negative (power cuts, etc). There are a lot of Indian merchants in Nepal, and many Nepalis tend to feel these merchants “take advantage” of the local people (whether true or not, that is the sentiment). Also I get the sense that Nepalis are sometimes looked down upon in India–often poorer families might cross the border to work in India, so Indians might not have a lot of interactions with middle class Nepalis. There impressions might just be of poor rural people with little education.

    I remember once in college the international office tried to organize a “language table” day in the cafeteria. There were tables set up for French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Swahili, Hindi, etc. As a budding international education professional I urged my friends to participate, rounding up many of my South Asian friends to sit at the Hindi table. I remember sitting next to a Bangladeshi girl who refused to speak to me in Hindi. I asked her why and she said it was a matter of pride. I didn’t really understand and she explained, “Hindi isn’t my native language, Bangala is– but Hindi is everywhere– and people speak to me in Hindi because they assume I understand. And I do, mostly from watching movies as a kid, but why should I speak it in return? It’s not my language.” I was really surprised by her answer.

    Nepalis might feel the same way sometimes. Most Nepalis speak Hindi–especially those who grew up watching Bollywood movies and Indian tv shows. In college P used to play on the International House soccer team and the players would call back and forth to each other in Hindi since the Nepalis, Indians and Pakistanis could all understand, but the American teams couldn’t. But there is a bit of a power differential when Nepalis are pressed into Hindi, or assumed to be Indian all the time. I’m sure it gets annoying, and the larger socio-political history has probably left an imprint.

    So I’d say yes, there is a rivalry of sorts– not with white women, but in general. I’m not sure if Indians would notice as much. If you asked Indians and Nepalis both about their sentiments and relationship with the other country, I’m sure you would get vastly different opinions.

    • Rabindra can understand Hindi well but refuses to speak it because he says it is not his language. Not even with Indians he works with- he asks them to speak English. So i understand what you are saying about the Bengali girl. If we go to an Indian restaurant sometimes the waiter will speak to him in Hindi but he won’t speak back in Hindi.

      Your comparisons about India/Nepal and America/Canada are good.

      I’m glad that it’s not just me who detects some of this ‘rivalry’!!

      • ashim says:

        I feel is not a rivalry. Im proud of Rabindra and i would do the same if i were in his place. Knowing foreign language is my asset and i will use it at my own advantage and convenience. Im sure rabindra would have talked in hindi if the girl could not speak english. Talking In hindi language knowing the boy is not from india is defenitely showing superiority and attacking on his identity.

      • frustrated and venting out here says:

        Not speaking someone else’s language is not a sign of nationalism or cultural pride… but is a sign of deep insecurity and inferiority complex.. I picked up few words in my room-mate’s language and I dont find anything wrong with using them in my conversation…

      • Dibyendu says:

        Thanks for your views… You are at an advantageous position – and have observed well.

        I am a Bengali from India, and I know that an average Indian would have no more ‘rivalry’ (a wrong word, but I do not have a better expression) against a Nepali than he would have against a person from another Indian state. A Bengali would perhaps consider a Nepali more close to his heart than, say, a Kannadiga (from Karnataka)…

        The problem is that India is a big country – economically much stronger than Nepal – which makes its citizen pay little heed to or show little interest about Nepal (too trifle to cross their minds, which are busy in more humdrum – but – important activities) . ‘Pakistan’ would perhaps be a more interesting and popular topic – if at all! Hardly do they know that the Nepalese nurture a deep hatred for them rising out of the Sugauli issue etc. An average Indian might never have even heard about it! Hardly is he aware of the varied ethnicity of Nepal, and think it is only about Gurkhas and Sherpas!

        The average Nepali – living in Nepal – might definitely have a different perspective – as a car driver might have about a huge lorry rumbling towards him – almost unaware of the car’s existence! But we should not forget about the cultural ties that bind us. Buddha is a common link – and so are the Himalayas. Pashupatinath is as venerated by the Indian Hindu as it is by the Nepalese. So long live peace and friendship. So, Indian (taxi drivers), be a little more careful when you are talking about your brothers from beside the border.

    • Sim says:

      Hi Americannepali
      Your observation is quite correct.
      I think you can be as big and as developed as you want to be. There is no problem in that. but there are two ways of growing or rather say appearing bigger. 1) actually getting bigger. 2) cutting down others shorter so that you become big. Unfortunately India chooses the second option.
      I don’t know much about the relation between Canada and USA but i would like to suggest you and other US citizens not to be like Indians at all.

    • Sameer Dahal says:

      Then why would that Bengali girl speak English? I think Hindi and English as second language should be in same category and status for all other languages native speakers. Am I not right?

      • The Illuminati says:

        Nepalis are anti Indians and it’s a fact. The Naxali and Maoists idea over there are all a gift of Chinese influence, as China wants to get an upper hand over India along d borders! Please, go through d history as well. All their kings were of Rajputana dynasty. They don’t even have their own script,history or any written documents from ancient times. It’s because of India that the country is not tearing apart. The concept is same as, all the Europeans running away to US n claiming themselves to be d real Americans o_O ..

      • Dibyendu says:

        That, Sameer, is a typical Bangladeshi instance! Are you aware that Bangladesh was created of what earlier was East Pakistan? And that the people of the present Bangladesh badly wanted to get out of the clutches of the URDU speaking authority, who ruled over them from Islamabad? . . . So it was a nationalistic movement -ending up with several Bhasha Shahids (Language Martyrs) – that sprang out as a reaction against Urdu – another South Asian language (pretty similar to Hindi, in its syntax). Hence…

    • Nationalist says:

      Indians are suffering from a NEW disease (since 1962) called “China-phobia”, actually China is JUST a SCAPEGOAT for Indians to STRANGLE Nepal.
      Blaming China won’t help Indians with anything, China does NOT support us, all it cares about is Tibet, that’s all. Whatever India and it’s Media say regarding China’s “presence” in Nepal are all Indian State/Media propaganda, and Indians believe it without a fuss.
      Nepal is locked by India on 3 sides, and this wouldn’t have happened if GREATER NEPAL was regained.
      India is making Nepal a puppet Nation, India directly interferes in our Internal affairs, and forces the political parties to do what India wants, those directions are ALWAYS meant to make Nepal a puppet, and this is done with the use of Indian Intelligence Agency: RAW, Indians are deceived into thinking that Nepal has positive past and present because of India, this is NOT true at all.
      By India’s “mercy” (read: orders), EVERY Government that forms in Nepal is ALWAYS COALITION Government, which means if our Government protests India’s bully, the Government itself will be collapsed immediately.
      To coerce, India halts supplies coming through Indian (also GREATER NEPAL) territory, and this results in Nepal’s political submission.
      To build roads, we have to take permission of India, which is never granted. India builds dams to flood Nepalese villages, and then there’s LAND ENCROACHMENT.
      Indians don’t know anything about what India does in Nepal, the issue is very serious, and we are just too tired of India.
      SSB (Sasatra Sima Bal) encroaches our land in Southern Nepal, more than 60,000 hectares of Land is now under India, the map of Nepal VARIES TREMENDOUSLY from what the map is said/supposed to be.
      SSB has removed our Border pillars, and built NEW pillars DEEP INSIDE Nepal. Several Hundreds of Border Pillars are missing, and we are losing Nepal itself, km by km.
      And what SSB basically does is: coerce Nepalese locals, charge HEAVY fines to Nepalese workers who are returning to Nepal by road.
      It also regularly rapes women in the Border areas, and beats people up.
      Besides that, India wants Nepal to depend on India fully, even for Military, and in fact, it wants Nepal to use it’s SUB-Standard rifle: INSAS.
      India has INDIAN ARMY CAMP DEEP INSIDE NEPALI territory, and locals are warned far off (in Nepal), the PUPPET Government does NOT open it’s mouth.
      The Open Border is of NO use to us, it’s used by Criminals, and used to import INDIAN WEAPONS (for criminal use), it’s used by India to encroach even more Land.
      Another reason why Nepalese have started hating India is: the Biharis, they are illiterate, corrupt and very greedy, they enter Nepal by using the Open Border, and they come in such a BIG number that they are now a deciding political force in Nepal (receiving orders DIRECTLY through New Delhi). India has FORCED Nepal to issue Citizenship to them, and they sit under the label “Madhesi” (which they do NOT even represent politically), they have been demanding “One Madhesh, One Pradesh”, we can’t give a separate State to immigrating INDIANS.
      By Experience, WE KNOW, such a move will DIS-integrate our Nation.
      To meet their political demand/s, they conduct “Terai Bandh”, basically cutting the food supply for whole of Nepal (Terai is the “food basket” of Nepal), and this results in inflation, shortage of food, etc.
      Then there’s the fear of Sikkim-ikaran (Sikkim-ization).
      ( SIKKIM BELONGED TO NEPAL ) Some sources say it’s the British, others say there was Chinese funding, that Sikkim was established as an independent Nation [out of Nepal].
      India had special interest in Sikkim, and it was in the Coronation of Late King Birendra, that he (Late King Birendra) had invited Pakistani and Chinese Presidents, and also the Sikkimese King.
      At the time, they had a big suspicion on India’s intention, King Birendra had made a master plan to thwart any attempt of India to annex Sikkim, and China had arranged for a Phone link from Sikkim King to China, in case India attacked Sikkim, Nepal, China and Pakistan would help Sikkim.
      India’s intelligence Agency – RAW – funded a person named “Lhendup Dorjee” (who had rivalry with the Sikkim Monarchy), he was PAID to create political issues and problems in Sikkim, the Sikkim King was assured by Indira Gandhi that Sikkim would always have support of India (while it’s RAW secrely FUNDED – Lhendup Dorjee), it was Lhendup Dorjee who created political instability and proposed the annexation of Sikkim to India (as ORDERED BY **RAW**).
      The Indian Army, 5,000 strong, stormed Sikkim, which had Army of 300. One 19 year old Nepali Guard was killed. The Sikkim King knew if he called China for help, Chinese Army would come within 2 hours, his Army COULD hold the Indians for 2 hours, but he did NOT ring the phone.
      The Sikkimese were to HELD AT **GUN POINT** and a FAKE “poll” was taken, and Sikkim was annexed to India with the clause that “Sikkim issue would NOT be raised under ANY law in ANY land”.
      Sikkim’s fate was sealed. After that the India TRASHED Lhendup Dorjee like a Toilet paper, and Dorjee died being HATED by Sikkimese.
      This is NOT 1970s and Nepal can NOT be annexed the way Sikkim was annexed, we WILL NEVER allow that. India KNOWS it, so it CREATED POLITICAL ISSUES IN NEPAL, with the ultimate goal of making Nepal a “failed state” – which can be used to annex politically unconscious Nepal.
      (While Sikkim is recognized by the World as a part of India, Nepal has NOT YET forgotten the Sikkim link, as the land of Sikkim belongs to Nepal.)
      By interfering in, and creating political issues, India ITSELF FORCES Nepalese to look towards China, while at the same time, STRANGLES NEPAL EVEN MORE, FALSELY accusing Nepalese as being “Pro-Chinese” (for looking towards China).
      There’s NO good Trade Link with China (as there’s with India), because of India’s orders, and this goes BACK to the top of the chain, and we are forced to look towards India itself.
      This is the CYCLE of a NEPALESE LIFE, and the CYCLE of the Nepal’s (FALSE) sense of Sovereignty. This is the reason of ANTI-INDIA sentiment, and India CREATES this itself.

      We LOST our Sovereignty the day India got it’s Independence.

    • americanepali – Nice thoughts on how you compared American – Canadian relation with India and Nepal.
      I am an Indian and there is just one country out of the 280+ countries in the world that I hate and it is PAKISTAN. Indians love Nepal because it is a Hindu country and I haven’t come across a Nepali who hates India or Indians.
      I know 5 languages which include English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi and Haryanvi. If someone in this world speaks with me in either of these languages then I will reply in the same. It is not correct to disrespect any language in this world. Speak it proudly if you know and if you don’t know then say “I don’t know your language”. Why should ego come here in the first place. ?

      I have been to Nepal and I had the time of my life. I ate good food (Good Nepali food).
      I came across beautiful Nepali citizens who were eager to help me travel around in Nepal.
      I spent bot Indian and Nepali currency.
      I spoke in Hindi and English and understood Nepali in bits and pieces. I read Nepali newspaper because it is written in Devanagari script.

      This blog shouldn’t be meant to abuse any Nationality apart from Pakistanis (reserved right for Indians)

      Bottom line is – I as an Indian loved Nepal and will love to go there again and again and again. I felt like roaming in Indian state. Nepalese are lovely people and they didn’t show a single sign of hatred on my face. I have never shown hatred to any Nepalese in India, be it any works-man from a Watchmen to an IT Engineer because I don’t like work degradation. Work is work and people do it for their own living and not get abused by others.

  4. BB says:

    Hi again! I’m at Annapurna base camp right now!
    I have to agree with Grace that Indian cab drivers aren’t great judges of character.
    Most of the Indian tourists I see here in Nepal are men frequenting the gambling casinos, drinking cheap liquor, and (dare I say) availing themselves of Nepali prostitutes.
    Yes, ‘GASP!’ there is gambling, cheap liquor and prostitution in Nepal.
    Most of the big hotels have casinos although Nepalis are not allowed to gamble in them. Most places offering ‘massage’ or calling themselves a ‘spa’ are actually brothels. Unlike India liquor is cheap and readily available in Nepal. I didn’t realize this aspect of ‘pleasure’ tourism in Nepal until I moved here.
    My impression of Nepalese men and women is ‘polite’, ‘friendly’, ‘helpful’, ‘honest’, and maybe ‘shy’ or ‘reserved’. Tourists are definitely treated with special respect. If you go to any of the touristy bars or discos I am certain there are ‘lounge lizard’ types seeking white girls and parties but that is far from the norm.
    On the other hand whenever I go to India I’m always in for some ‘CULTURE SHOCK’. Prepare to be STARED at constantly if you are white in India. Nepali’s tend NOT to stare, you are more likely to be greeted with an endearing smile and a ‘Namaste’. I could go on about further instances of culture shock going from Nepal to India but that’s another post.
    It is interesting what I’ve heard Indians say about Nepal and Nepali’s. For some reason a lot of Indians think all Nepali’s are very poor (even poorer than most Indians) which is NOT true. Many Indians are AGHAST when I tell them I choose to live in Nepal. I guess they think I live in a mud hut and have nothing to eat but watery dal bhat. I’ve seen Nepali’s taken advantage of in India quite a bit. Many Nepali men work in India as security guards or as day laborers such as in construction work.
    Needless to say I’m always glad to come home to Nepal!

    • Hey I really enjoyed your reply. Gives a great outlook on the differences between the two countries. V interesting that you say you don’t get stared at so much in Nepal!

      By the way v jealous you are at Annapurna 🙂

    • ashim says:

      100% correct………most of the indians are religious tourist. who would stay in indian hotels, come on the reserves indian buses and pays nothing to nepalis. They are too rational to shop and wont buy anything. They dont even want to talk to the nepalese except for the purpose of their own interest. you wrote from the eye of tourist, i wrote as a Nepali…

      • The Illuminati says:

        that’s false.. I know soooo many people who shop in Nepal .. my dad has relatives there n he goes there for shopping whenever he visits them .. I mean seriously.. don’t just come up random things just because u can not think rationale n mislead others! Educate yourself n do your people a favor! Period.

    • frustrated and venting out here says:

      There are certain places in India where sensible person won’t go. Like they are in NY, Detroit or every city for that matter… you should have been wiser.. As for comparing the situation with Nepal, it is just a matter of being accustomed to a steady flow of tourists and tourism is big there….some Indians are not used to it… i think the nepalis realised that if they stare they ll lose their customers to the competitors… and hence avoid doing that now…nothing more than that i think…

      • Chetanseel says:

        I thought I could reply to u, no offence, but i grew up seeing more of India and Nepal, and lemme tell u, attitude is much of a difference, its not that Nepalis are insecured about the ‘customers’. Tourist are treated well enough…. and u tend to get more stares in India… especially if you are woman and clearly not from India…

      • Chetanseel says:

        Yeah and I did forget to mention, people do not burp in ur face in Nepal as they do in India!!! been there.. seen that! So its much of manner issue!

  5. KC says:

    I too have noticed this rivalry and talked to Simba about it. It definitely exists (from my experience). I was out with some friends last summer and met some indian guys who were hanging out with a larger group of american guys. Somehow it came up that I was dating a nepalese boy…the guy I was talking to who had been charming and flirtatious was suddenly kind of rude. He said to tell my boyfriend to have his people stop coming over to India and stealing all of their women. ?

    Of course I asked Simba and other Nepalese friends about this and they didn’t have wonderful things to say about Indians either. Simba doesn’t stereotype or judge any individual indian…he has several indian friends. But when talking about them collectively it does tend to be slighly more negative….from what I can gather I think many nepalese feel that india has pushed them around and they feel bullied by the larger country. I think this lends to a more defensive mindset when talking about indians and therefore they magnify any injustice done by indians….

    Although definitely not the case for Simba…I have wondered if skin color plays a factor at all. I don’t notice much difference but have read that nepalese tend to be slightly fairer…and I wonder if a small amount of racism (from both sides) plays into this at all? I’m just speculating here and I could be way off base…

    That being said, I’m sure there are other reasons some indians seem to have a distaste for nepalese…I’ve asked a few indian friends and got some responses about how their experience with nepalese was that they sometimes acted superior.

    idk. But another interesting blog that got me thinking 🙂

    • “He said to tell my boyfriend to have his people stop coming over to India and stealing all of their women. ? “”— haha I’ll have to tell Rabindra this. I am pretty sure his comment will be something along the lines of “Nepalis are much more handsome- that’s why”.

      Also your comment that “I think many nepalese feel that india has pushed them around and they feel bullied by the larger country.” That’s the exact impression I get from Rabindra. He is so patriotic about his tiny country which is why, when we talk about India, the conversation can get a little heated..,

    • proudtobeanindian says:

      There’s not a case of racism for sure. We are just fed up of people coming to our country from Nepal to get jobs. I don’t care what Nepalese think about India. If you should know about the Indo-Nepalese relations, Indian government would provide Nepal with $35million in case of an emergency in Nepal. India was and is always on one leg to help Nepal out of any crisis but the way these Nepalese behave is not legit. They think they can compete with India and Indians. They are not even close. Actually to be frank, when I see people comparing India to Nepal I feel offended because in my views comparing India to Nepal is an insult to India.

      • sarashine says:

        That was the most rude and offensive thing one could ever think of. ,, what makes you think that ? sorry to break your bubble Mr Indian but i am a Nepalese grl dating an indian guy. Sabotaging and commenting abt ones nationality and identity is wrong,commenting abt the jobs how old are you ? 5 ?, grow up ,, as for the indo Nepalese relations you dont even start,, you indians have claimed our land to be yours,, despite your independence you have been in denial abt our land,, saying it a political issue when it was a clear decolonization movement abt the Sugauli treaty ,, let not start abt the relations alright ,, you can keep your comment abt Nepalese and Nepal and stick it up to your arse.. Personally i dont have anything against Indians or India coz i believe there is something called humanity and character rather than judging someone frm where they belong .. shame on you .

      • MANNU says:

        We’ve nevr compared india wid nepal .we r thankful that india provided us residence,financial help,etc.bt we nevr let anyone down unlik indians do wid us .moreover indian pipl r ruling there .so i strongly condemn u and proud to be a nepali

      • HUMAN says:


      • Sameer Dahal says:

        In Kathmandu’s streets 90% of cycle vegetable and fruits vendors are from Bihar and UP. Approximately ten lakh or more Indians claimed and received Nepalese citizenship without resigning from Indian citizenship in its Terai belt. Why Indians are so fond to keep illegal property in Nepal? can you answer this? We are also so fed up of people coming from India to Nepal. We still think we can compete with anybody of the world not only with Indians. India should be compared to every country of the world ‘coz all countries are sovereign one not the “Ghulam” of India.

      • Chetanseel says:

        Well, If you look into the labour population composition in India, most of the Nepalis would be saying same about Indians too, especially migrants from neighbouring states. Its pretty much because of open border and open trade that 2 economies practice…. and as far as coming close is concerned… isnt it the same way u compete with Pakistan… Bangladesh and rest of the world… so please…. broaden your views… if u talk abt India Shining.. you need to have broad mind for it… and yea… study… and travel… it would help you to see where you stand… 🙂 good day!

      • Chetanseel says:

        Well, If you look into the labour population composition in Nepal, most of the Nepalis would be saying same about Indians too, especially migrants from neighbouring states. Its pretty much because of open border and open trade that 2 economies practice…. and as far as coming close is concerned… isnt it the same way u compete with Pakistan… Bangladesh and rest of the world… so please…. broaden your views… if u talk abt India Shining.. you need to have broad mind for it… and yea… study… and travel… it would help you to see where you stand… good day!

      • Kumar Sharma says:

        if British wouldn’t have secured you India
        Nepal would conquered the most of north India today
        feel happy for British to make you slaves.
        at least they save you country

      • Anonymous says:

        > We are just fed up of people coming to our country from Nepal to get jobs.

        First of ALL, you DON’T represent the majority of Indians, and while they ARE biased regarding Nepal, they DON’T have that level of hypocrisy either.

        > I don’t care what Nepalese think about India

        YOU SHOULD NOT. Because it’s too complicated for your immature brain, if you have one.

        > India was and is always on one leg to help Nepal out of any crisis but the way these Nepalese behave is not legit.

        O Mister, come to Nepal and LEARN MORE about what is REALLY happening here and what India REALLY does, BEFORE judging your tiny neighbor.

        > They think they can compete with India and Indians. They are not even close.

        “Close”?? I’m proud to say – My Country FOUGHT a 2 years WAR with the Mighty British Empire (in spite of the Technological Superiority of the British), while the “BIG Brother” India was serving the British as their MASTERS.

        We are quite capable of competing but we are limited because of Indian interference (and NO, you DON’T hae any idea of how deep this interference is). So when you know nothing, you should not push something on your Keyboard.

        We want OUR Land BACK, the parts of Greater Nepal, that rightfully, and legally belongs to US, and more so because of THAT attitude of the Indians, and because of the excessive Political interferences of India.

      • sam says:

        Number of Indians living in Nepal is 4 million. You only now your side of the story. Come to nepal to see the reality and status of Indians here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Same goes to you too indian. Because of our men protecting your boarder you are sleeping in your home quitely. It would be insult for nepal if you compare india with nepal. You are money hungry people. By the way 1/third of the populations in india is nepali origin whats you gonna do about it.

  6. Raj says:

    Nepalese are pretty much Indians along with Bangladeshis, why would we have ill will towards them? That taxi cab driver may have had his own opinion but it doesn’t reflect how all Indians feel about Nepalis.

    For that matter even Pakistanis are pretty much Indians, they have a bad habit of trying to start wars with us though.

    • “Nepalese are pretty much Indians” and “For that matter even Pakistanis are pretty much Indians”

      Of course an Indian would say that!! I have to disagree!

      • Gobind Singh says:

        I don’t know about Nepal, but the statement certainly rings true for Pakistan. The difference between ‘Indian’ and ‘Pakistani’ is often nothing more than a passport.

      • Raj says:

        Of course they disagree, India is the most powerful country in South Asia. Lets not even talk about cultural power. Militarily, India could handily defeat Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan and Bangladesh combined. All of these nations are the creation of the white British invaders anyways, so having pride in an artificial creation is just a lingering symptom of colonial subservience.

        And lets not talk about looks here! There is no one in south Asia or even the world as good looking as Rajputs, Marathas or Jats.

      • Sim says:

        This is it. This very attitude of Indians; looking down upon Nepalese and other South Asian vexes them the most. Of course over 1 billion population of India mustn’t have the same kind of perception but, unfortunately, most of the Indians I come across are like this person.
        Mr. Raj needs a bit of reality check. India and some other countries had been under the British Raj for hundred of years. But Nepal has always remained a free country in that regard. Not only that Nepal was not created by British unlike India and Pakistan.
        What we dislike the most about the Indians is their interference in every matter of Nepal. From politics to religion to development everything. They want to have complete hold over Nepal. And this is the reason why Nepal will never be a developed nation nor the failed state, as some say. If Nepal progressed India will lose its grip on Nepal and if Nepal failed it will pose threat to India. So it wouldn’t let that happen. But certainly we don’t want that.
        And this guy talks about waging a war against the so many South Asian Nations. Well, he better be informed if these countries stopped it from allowing their water resources alone most of the Indians will be dehydrated to death. But we are not evils like this Indian.
        For now I would only write iNDIA. (name of the country beginning with small letter. ) Of course this is crazy but I can’t help it because I hate iNDIA.

      • kassiekarki says:

        I disagree as well. A Nepali is a Nepali and an Indian is an Indian as well as a Pakistsani a Pakistani. Making such comments is totally offensive. A proper statement would be we all are human so we should treat each other accordingly. Don’t try to take awayanyone’s identity. Trying to act superior only makes you look like a fool when you’re proudly spewing utter nonsense, and trying to pass it on as fact.

      • To know India or “Bharat” or “Hindusthaan” or “Bharatvarsh” one has to read history Motherland India and its extent.


        Indus Valley Civilization is THE OLDEST in the world which happened way before any religion in this world can claim to have begun. Indian map had Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal and part of Tibet. India was always ruled by Kings and had provinces. We fought for our independence in 1947 and since then our worlds third largest economy and worlds largest democracy.
        Every person in South Asia is of Indian origin if his/her forefathers were born here.
        There are too many haters in this blog who are spreading ill messages about India and Nepal relationship. There isn’t any rivalry between India and Nepal (politically/socially or economically)
        To the ILLOGICAL NEPALESE – Nepal in the next 100 – 500 years wouldn’t be able to compete or even match what India has. Indian resources, Indian army, Indian culture, Indian diversity, Indian money, Indian intellectual (about which the whole world is aware), Indian Research and Development etc. etc. etc.
        To the ILLOGICAL INDIANS – I am an Indian but not non-sensical. Please stop hating our neighbors. We in South Asia have to grow together. India will never try to abuse its Neighbors unless its Pakistan. There is no reason in this world for an Indian to hate Nepali. So stop abusing them. They are nice people.
        We both country men should stop abusing each other atleast in the name of the god. We both worship the same gods. We’ve been gifted to be born as a Hindu (I am an atheist though)

        Last but not the least. India will never be a DADDY country to any country or region in this world. We have a history of not invading any country because WE HAVE EVERYTHING. We don’t rule but we love. Yes my country has loads and loads of negatives, which country doesn’t. We are improving and will improve. We will learn from the rest of the world.

    • rahul b says:

      You must be a troll. I can honestly say that not one Indian (or Pakistani etc.) shares your opinion. Why don’t you move to Bangladesh or Pakistan and tell them you’re all my Indian brothers and sisters 😛

      • Prabesh says:

        this is the funniest thing i have ever heard. I know white people created what is now India, Pakistan and Bangladesh but def not Nepal or Sri Lanka. Nepalese are not like Indians or Pakis a country of various ethnicities, cultures and races. We are one nation with one identity. A sherpa from Solu and Tharu from Chitwan both have been a part of this nation even though they have huge tribal differences. A Newar from Kathmandu and a Meche from Illam both when they go to a different country speak Nepalese or Gurkhali. We are a nation not like the ones created by British. Btw u can find us even in India in Shimla, Assam, Darjeeling and Sikkim mainly. We dominate the culture there therefore we arent a state only we are a nation also. But Indians are various ethnicities united by one Union dont even have one uniform tongue.

        Washington, DC

    • dhoti ko mukh ma mero padh says:

      Who said that Nepalese are pretty much indians? Yes ofcourse bangladesh was in indian before but Nepal is always free country. As I live in New Zealand and many Indians live here and few Nepalese people that is why most of the kiwi doesnt even know about Nepal, they think we belong to india . I hate if someone calls me an indian and if any indians try to speak hindi to me and every nepalese does the same i believe. When I say I am from Nepal in this country because of the Sir Edmund hillary good relation with Nepal and other things people here welcome me in such a good way that I cant even explain. Especially punjabi people are the worse people from india, too noisy, gay to each other, no dressing sense, proud, mannerless, crazy for white girls, hair hangin on their chest, wants bargain on everything etc etc.. Nepal is known for beauty, cultural diversity , rich in natural resources , friendly people, mt everest, holy places, birth place of lord budhha so we cant be bad . the only fings dat make indian people worse are they seem to b more talkative, no dressing sense and last bt not the least no manners.
      i would like to say one poem about indian and nepali bt forgive me it is going to be in nepali language, u can ask ur bf if u want,
      hath dinchhu ma , timi chadha rukhama
      mo:mo: khayi padi dinchhu dhoti ko mukhama !!

      for reference go to : k nichha parera hasechhas oie dhoti muji on facebuk..

      • Rabindra liked your comments very much!

      • Mohit says:

        Seeing the comments here its pretty same that everybody is doing the same here. Indians are belittling the Nepalis and Nepalis are abusing Indians from the rooftops calling them mannerless and taking promise to hate them, etc,etc..

        Actually both type of people are taking things to extreme.

        India and Nepal for most part their history have shared a cordial relations since pre-Christ era. India and Nepal used to be part of Mauryan Empire along with present day pakistan, bangladesh, iran and srilanka. And after that a part of India, Nepal and Pakistan were part of Gupta Empire. So basically all these areas shared a history for atleast last 3000 years.

        Now come to the birthplace of Buddha. Most scholars regard Kapilavastu, present-day Nepal, to be the birthplace of the Buddha.Other possibilities are Lumbini, present-day Nepal Kapileswara, Odisha, present-day India; and Piprahwa, Uttar Pradesh, present-day India. So its quite a fifty-fifty. But most historians agree that It was either Kapilvastu or Lumbini both of which are in present day Nepal. But when Buddha was born there it was neither nepal nor it was India but it was a Hindu KIngdom. After couple of centuries whole of Nepal came in to the Mauryan Empire with Patiliputra(Patna) as the capital of India. So here we see that Kapilvastu was independent as well as under Indian kings as well under Nepali kings for different period of time. So that may be the reason some people claim that Buddha was born in India.

        Now those Indians who look down upon Nepalis are in sufficiet numbers but at the same time outnumbered by those Indians who consider Nepalis as really honest and hardworking people. At least Nepalis don’t beg in India unlike other lazy Indians. At the same time Indo-Nepal relations can’t be seen in total negative ways. I know that India don;t have many buyers of its goodwill in Nepal but its not all fault of India. The failure of economy of Nepal lies with its Monarchy which was somehow supported by India in good faith. India still remains one the biggest donor to Nepal and contributors to development of Nepal. But I sincerely believe that as a twin country India should have done more to develop the only Hindu country in the neighbourhood without interfering in its internal policies much. But there is unfounded negative publicity too.

        Rivalry?? No ! But yes there is a sense of mistrust of Indian intention in the region and its thought that India is looking for its interests only which is partially true. No other country give Nepalis the right to live, work without Visa. Not to add that its reciprocation.

      • Mr Love says:

        I have been following this blog right from the start and I must say I am enlightened , although I have many things to say to u people , but I don’t generally get time but Mr. Mohit you said nice that although there are some Indians who wrong about the Nepalese people but they are outnumbered by the Indians who love Nepalese like their own brothers and sisters. Their are Idiots on both sides but I know it’s not going to effect the relations between the two beautiful countries of the world, And one thing Nepalese people are not always introvert they are good humans, if you make friendships or relationships with them they can give away the life for the love ones….genuine jai gorkha

      • Kumar Sharma says:

        you are right man
        Nepalese dont even look like indian NIggers
        i am currently in america, american always mistaken me as Mexican.
        even indians thought me as mexican.

    • gorkhali says:

      I think Indians are the same as Pakistanis, well most of you are look like monkey. u indian guys dont know how to respect other people, u guys are mannerless, dirty, idiots if u think we nepalis are same like u.

      did your grandad and dad say nepal is part of india? or did u not study history?
      do u know a long time ago u guys were the colony of england, england ruled your country and english people killed lots of you. and at that time england tried to take over nepal but we fought them off and we won. why u tell ur militiary could easily win over many countries but you cant get fight against the terrorists from pakistan trying to ruin your country?? India also says they have the most powerful national security yet india has been one of the worst targets for terrorism in recent times. look at the awful things in mumbai for example and your own parliament building. how disgraceful. at that time when they attacked your parliament building, where was your military? too busy trying to do corruption hey???
      go nepal…im very proud of my country. we are brave gorkhalis

      • Santosh Khadka says:

        Yes this is very true I dont understand why Indians would think Nepali is a part of India sure we share the same religon but overall we have our very own distinct culture. The people, religon, culture and especially the beautiful land is distinctive to Nepal as although there are many beautiful villages there are also bustling city centers as well.

        A fact that you cant say about many other places.

    • Anonymous says:

      > All of these nations are the creation of the white British invaders anyways

      @Raj, First LEARN History, then come back and then at least try to make a VALID point, Nepal wanted the British OUT of South Asia, China DID NOT help here (when asked for Coalition), India was already under British, and STILL, Resource Limited Nepal alone fought for 2 YEARS.

      > Militarily, India could handily defeat Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan and Bangladesh combined.

      India has Huge Resource? YES
      Is India Militarily, financially powerful? YES

      BUT, Let alone “combined”, conflict with one of the countries you have listed above will NOT be a healthy step for the future of India either.

      The only reason you can boast of “ability to defeat”, and the ONLY reason your point is valid — is because of your HUGE population.

      Without a population that big, your statement would be ridiculous, and practically INVALID. People like you MUST KNOW what India does with it’s Neighbors before making such statement.

      • Proud to be a Magar says:

        Did you forgot that India has Gurkha regiments of Nepalese people? Had it not for those Gurkha regiments, you would have get your asses kicked by Pakistanis and Chinese. Who defended India from the Red Army during Indo-China War and Pathans during Kargil War?China, British Empire,Mongolian Empire, Sikhs, etc. could never take over Nepal. What makes you think India can take over Nepal? You might have nukes and huge population but do not forget that the world’s best soldiers come from Nepal. I am proud to be a Magar, a Gurkha and a Nepali.

  7. c says:

    i am an indian male – but never heard of any rivalry.

    india and nepal has some tensions – but that is political in nature and not between the people. mostly because of india’s interference in nepal’s domestic politics and unnecessary anti-indian rhetorics/stances by some nepali political parties.
    – at least that is my perception.
    stereotypes exists certainly (like all other indian ethnic, religious groups ). there are a lot of ethnic nepalis in india – both indian and nepali citizens because we have a open border. but never heard of any bad blood.

    since you raised this issue , what do the the nepalese think of indians?

    • Hey c I’m glad that you don’t share the views of other Indians/Nepalis.

      The thing that annoys Nepalis the most is that many Indians have told them “Nepal is a part of India”. This gets to them more than anything else…

      Rabindra has mixed views about Indians. In his hometown in Nepal, he’s had bad experiences with Indians trying to rip him off and a lot of the street vendors doing dodgy deals. In saying that he holds a high regard for south indians and has travelled to India and loved it. When he moved to Australia, he met a lot of Punjabis through college and he said many of them were manerless and dirty and would do anything for money. But he says only some of them are like that.

      From listening to many, many, many Nepalis here in Aus, their interactions with Punjabis has been mostly negative. In the college the Punjabis go on about Nepal being a part of India, that Nepalis are Indians, that their country is more superior, that their cricket team is the best etc etc. The worst experiences have been in the Indian-dominated colleges where they’ve asked their teacher to speak Hindi rather than English and expect the Nepalis to speak in Hindi as well. Let’s just say it didn’t go down well at all….

  8. intercultured says:

    Hmm… I’ve not seen any rivalry between Indian and Nepalese guys, but it’s no secret that there is a “slight” tension between north and south Indians. I’ve taken part in a few discussions already, where guys from north and south boast about who is less conservative, more tolerant, more innovative, open-minded, has better film industry and so on. It’s very funny to watch, because although certain cultural differences are obvious, it’s still one country with the same pluses and minuses and sometimes there is really nothing to brag about. 😉

  9. luckyfatima says:

    In Dubai, I had a live-in Nepalese housekeeper, A., for 2.5 years. We developed a great friendship, and we are still in touch today. Through her, I learned a bit about Nepal through the window of her eyes. She is ethnically Lama (although her late mother was a Tamang). At age 9 or so, her widowed father remarried and her father and step-mother sent her to go live in India to earn money. She worked as a domestic servant (a child servant in the beginning) in New Delhi for nearly 20 years. She has a lot of observations on Indians versus Nepalese, Buddhists versus Hindus, and she expressed ideas that I realized were stereotypes about other Nepalese castes and ethnic groups. It was her habit to always refer to friends while pointing out their caste. About Indians-It is a stereotype in U.P. that Nepalese women make good “ayahs” or baby sitters. They are also reputed to be hard workers. My mother in law is from U.P. and her ayah was a Thapa woman. My MIL would always tell A. this when she came to visit. (MIL is in the development sector and has Nepalese colleagues and friends and has gone to conferences in Nepal and so on, so it was kind of annoying that she only mentioned the ayah to A.) This stereotype of being “good maids” infuriated A. She insisted that a person is not a good worker based on their nationality, but based on their individual qualities. We lived in Dubai in an Indian majority community, and she had close friendships with many of the Indian families’ Indian housekeepers. She would told me that Indians acted like Nepal was desperately poor compared to India, but she snarked back that loads of Biharis came to Kathmandu to look for work and to beg. She said that in India, she was teased for her facial features and short stature and called ‘chapti’ and so on. She told me that it was ironic that Indians made fun of her eye shape—she said in Nepal when someone was angry and widened their eyes in rage, people would say “Stop making an Indian face.” I couldn’t tell you if she meant ALL Nepalese said this or just in her Lama community.

    I am sure you are well aware of the terrible situation of Nepali women who are trafficked to India for prostitution, so that situation caused A. to be stereotyped in other ways and sexually harassed. A. is a proud Nepali, but often told people in India and Indians in Dubai that she was from Darjeeling just to keep things simple for herself. My housekeeper also insisted that Nepalese cannot make chaat.

    A.’s perspective is very different from say, someone who was from an upper middle class Nepali family who went to India as a student. She does have some prejudices against Indians (or more like about particular communities of Indians, like she will call certain people baniyas and so on), but she says ultimately she would prefer to live in India instead of Nepal mostly due to the lack of economic opportunities.

    • Hey LF- I didn’t know you knew so many Nepalis. hehe..

      • americanepali says:

        @LF–It’s always interesting to hear about the perspective of your Nepali housekeeper in Dubai. It serves to remind me that even though I feel I have learned a lot about Nepal, I’ve really only learned about a section of Nepali society 🙂

  10. c says:

    all most all the indian ethnicities have associated stereotypes.
    off course these are not “truths” but anyway –
    talking about punjabis and nepalis (and this needs to be taken purely as a fun ) –
    punjabis: loud, vulgar, stupid, simple , brave, strong and honest. good at driving taxis and in army. too fond of bottles.
    nepalis : simple, honest, brave, loyal but poor, uneducated. good as security guards.

    anyway, i hope i am not offending anyone. as i said similar stereotypes and jokes exist for all others too.

    about nepalis (or pakistanis) as indians – certainly they are not. these are different countries. but on the other hand how do you distinguish between a punjabi muslim from india and pakistan?
    there are ethnic nepalis who are indian citizens – living there for centuries . they will sue you if you say they are not indians. 😀
    how do you differentiate between a bengali from bangladesh and india? or a tamil from sri-lanka and india?

    by the way, mother tongue of some nepalis who are madhesi is hindi. mother tongue of indians from some part of india are nepali.

    on a serious note, we indeed has the best cricket team. 😛

    • I think myAussies are the best team- not India (but not our test team- they are going to shit)

    • Gorkhali Himal says:

      You idiot don’t you see Gurkha regiment with your national army. Go and see the Gurkhalis in British army. Either a terrorist or dictator in this world scare with Gorkhali(Nepali). Check the Victoria cross awarded by British queen 90 percent goes to Nepali. Indians are cheater and criminal type of people

  11. Broadway says:

    India and nepal have open borders. Many nepalis feel that this understanding or mutual generosity has been unfair in terms that nepal has not economically prospered as india has. Some would also blame an indian role in nepals chaotic political situation. Then there’s the treatment each group gives to each other which riles up people on the both sides.

    There are a lot of nepali people in india and vice versa. In india, i’ve seen nepalis work in shipping/logistics/banks/govt services but many also work odd jobs as security guards, house maids etc etc – mostly noticeable doing odd jobs.

    I’ve met nepalis in mumbai who claim to be indians. I can understand that their brothers in nepal would be angered to hear this.

    I can bet you that all this animosity will fade away as communities in both countries prosper economically.

    • Agree with your comment about Nepal’s economical growth being so far behind India. So what you do you mean about the treatment they give each other which riles them up?

      • Dan Factor says:

        Good on you that you came up with this subject. It makes it apparent what the Nepalis think about India. i have lived in both countries and i found out that majority, i would say 90% of Indians don’t care what Nepal thinks about India and they really don’t bother about Nepal. Whereas, I can see extreme hatred towards India from the Nepalese side, almost 100 % Nepalese are pro anti Indians as it is apparent from the comments above. But then it is logical for the hatred towards India, because the Nepalese can not even dream to compete with the Indians in any field, whether it is art, science, music, sports etc. They are 200 years behind. If you say this to any Nepali, they will come with the most pathetic excuse that it is because British ruled India. Well then why don’t you say that Japan is so developed because the Americans helped them after bombing them?

  12. Taswin says:

    Hiya this is a really interesting post

    My parents are Nepali and I grew up in Australia. A few years ago I went backpacking in India. Because I look Indian, of course it confused everyone I met to see an “Indian” girl travelling on her own (“But how can your parents let you come by yourself?”)….and because I can’t speak Hindi or anything often in rural areas where English wasn’t spoken I would say I was a Nepali student doing research. I was really surprised by the reception I got from Indians when I said I was Nepali…they were very generous and welcoming (inviting me to stay at their homes, showing me around and all that jazz), and, at least in the urban areas where english was more common, many people explicitly said things like “Nepalis can come here because they’re Hindu, but muslims (read Pakistanis) cannot”. So maybe it’s the religion thing…the fact that Nepal is (or at least was) so overtly Hindu?

    Anyway, having travelled in rural Nepal as well, where everyone also thought I was Indian because of my clothes (jeans and backpack) and terrible Nepali accent, all I can say is that an Indian girl going solo in Nepal WOULD NOT get the same reception…people are very suspicious of Indians in Nepal, possibly an inferiority complex that goes beyond the standard Canada/US NZ/Oz thing. Also given the conflict and all I guess they were suspicious of strangers in general….
    Anyway, would be interested to know how Indians who have been to Nepal have been treated…?

    • hey taswin, nice to meet you on here. I’ve wanted to meet some Nepalis who were born in Aus and grew up here. I have so many questions about how you were raised including learning languages, schooling, communicating with your grandparents, how many times you’ve been back to Nepal. I find it really interesting, I might email you some time 🙂

      • Taswin says:

        no worries Sara, would love to chat 🙂

        Do you have access to my email, or should I email you?…very new to the blogosphere!!

  13. c says:

    “Anyway, would be interested to know how Indians who have been to Nepal have been treated…?”

    my neighborhood uncle spent a long stretch of his job (more than 10 years) in nepal.
    his family also went there few times.

    they didn’t have any bad experience.

  14. c says:

    by the way, i was reading some article by aravind adiga (someone, whose opinion i won’t trust) – he was saying among all the neighbors of india , it is the nepalese who hate indians most.


    no idea , whether that is true.

  15. Manny says:

    As an Indian, I hardly think of Nepal or B’Desh or Sri Lanka. This is not an insult.

    I don’t find any of these places and people as exotic or something that I cannot find in India.

    The only reason I even think of Pakistan is the security and Terrorism. Otherwise I would not think about Pakistan either.

    My Brother in Law who is a Col in the Indian Armed forces has a very good Col friend from Nepal. This Nepali Col’s son is a family friend and he studies in Chennai India. The two families are like family.

    I have not heard of any rivalry towards Nepal..atleast not from the Indian side. This is a surprise.

    • Simba says:

      The only reason you think of Pakistan is because of security and terrorism? Seriously?

    • prabesh says:

      you dont of other neighboring countries coz ure ignorant. if u open you eyes srilanka isnt India, Maldives isnt India, there is no Mt Everest or Kathmandu or Lukhla in India. Just change with views u will see how nice the culture and how unique they are.

      Or just read the blog, you will see how much the different we are. There is huge similarity which is coz of geographic proximity but thats a nice thing isnt it. But dont ignore our uniqueness.

      • jits says:

        Had to reply here. I stumbled on this blog via google. My god I never knew Nepalis were so racist. To say I had nepali friends in India whom I treated like one of own own. I wouldn’t know if they were calling me dhoti and other such derogatory terms behind my. We have too many nepalis around us and growing up we never hated them. Although I tend to agree with Manny who says we never thought about Nepal as such, nor sri lanka because the rhetoric was always Pakistan and the constant tensions we had with them. I haven’t come across a single Indian who hates Nepal. But now I know Nepalis are hardly friends and are some of the most racist people I have ever seen in cyberspace. Some of them don’t even know why they hate us Indians. Funny and ms white girl in a sari, I also know that you don’t like Indians as you tend to appreciate whatever hate is churned out by fellow Nepalis against Indians. And we consider Nepalis our own not as an insult but in affection. Oh the ego/Arrogance far exceeds the famous peakI can see. Anyways chill like the famous landmark and stop this hate. I am not saying Indians are the epitome of character so should you guys stop projecting yourselves as one and demonizing an entire population of more than a billion. And prabha nobody’s saying Nepalis are like Indians.. and everyone knows Mount Everest is in Nepal and so is Maldives a separate country.

  16. I agree with Manny to a certain extent. Indians are inherently Anglophilic (thanks to colonization), so we are obsessed with all things western. We’re envious of China for its incredible growth and power. We worry about Pakistan because we worry about our security. Malaysia, Thailand, Maldives and Sri Lanka we love because they’re fabulous, touristic places to holiday that are close to home.

    But Nepal and Bangladesh we don’t really know/think about. I know much more about far away countries that I find appealing and ‘exotic’ (like Italy and Brazil) and I’ve visited them several times. But although Nepal is next door and I’m free to cross the border, I’m ashamed to say I’ve never thought of visiting.

    I agree with AmericaNepali that the rivalry is a bit one-sided, but I think China-India is a better comparison, since both India and Nepal are developing countries unlike America-Canada.

    India is very aware and envious of China’s incredible growth and international superpower status. We constantly discuss it and compare ourselves to them. However Chinese people are more bothered about catching up with the Americans, and they know that India’s economic growth is hardly comparable to their own so they don’t really care about what’s happening in India.

    Similarly, when I was a student in the UK, I noticed that Nepalis often discussed India’s growth and regional power status and tried to compare it with Nepal’s growth. Also global awareness about India is far higher than Nepal, just as global awareness about China is far higher than India.

    For the cultural aspect though, I think the American-Canada comparison is apt, given the cultural proliferation of Bollywood and the recent prominence of Indian authors in the literary world.

  17. Interesting discussion – there is certainly distrust and suspicion for sure. In fact there is this sense of distrust and suspicion of anyone south of the “pahadi” region. Perhaps it’s rooted in Prithivi Narayan Shah’s message at the time of unification to not trust foreigners. You have to understand that Nepal is a land locked nation and the rulers have whipped up fear of the outside (read India) on many occasion to appeal to national unity. Its the proverbial boogyman that is going to eat the country alive if you support the opposition. Kings did it, communists do it, congresi’s do it… Most Indians I’ve met both in and outside of Nepal have been decent. Some have been arrogant in their thinking towards Nepal, but I meet plenty of Nepali’s who are like that too.

    As far as Nepal having an inferiority complex, I think its true to an extent but there is also this Indian inferiority complex too – its my backyard and I’m the king even though I’m getting beat by China and the West. I’m speaking at the political level, not the personal level. I’ve never met an Indian that has said this, but this is my conclusion observing India’s foreign policy.

    As far as Indian men vs. Nepali men – that’s one cab drivers perspective, don’t read into it too much. But on a lighter note it’s been said that the sight of a Nepali “bahadur” running down the mountain yelling “ayo gorkhali” and holding a bloody “khukuri” – instills quite a bit of fear in an Indian man’s heart 😉 (I say this in love).

  18. Kay says:

    Hey! Found your blog just surfing through the net. I’m a Canadian (Nepali descent) who’s currently living in India (fiance’s Indian). I can understand the rivalry to a certain extent but I don’t think you can accurately call it rivalry. I’d call it Nepali paranoia that India’s out to get Nepal, when in all reality, Nepal’s too poor and insignificant for India to bother taking over. I wouldn’t compare it to US/Canadian rivalry because Canada (even though it’s economy is a lot smaller than the US) is still one of the richest countries in the world with a multitude of untapped resources.
    I wouldn’t agree with the skin color argument either because there are plenty of Indian people who are ‘light’ skinned. Since India has like a billion + people, there’re probably a hell of a lot more light skinned Indians than light skinned Nepalis.

    • helena says:

      It would have been better if you’d removed (Nepali) from your post…. Have you even cleared your junior high? cause you seem to understand nothing and talk a lot! Go get your self a brain and you ll understand why india is after Nepal..

    • kassiekarki says:

      It’s really rude the way you speak of Nepal. It seems you may have some sort of identity crisis. Calling Nepal insignificant is very offensive. I think you’re trying a bit too hard to fit into your new home. There is no point in being racist

    • whatthefuss says:

      hey, i am Jay from India, and i think my country is filled with shit people like you. I am currently living in Nepal (have a Nepali fiance) and she is the most wonderful women, fair and very beautiful unlike Indian girls dark skinned and ugly. I am really ashamed of my country India though cause unlike Nepal which was always independent my forefathers were cowards and thought it would be better to be ruled by white skinned people then Indians. Also I am ashamed to admit the fact that most Indians are smelly, stinky piece of shit and have no manners. And just like there might be more fair skinned people in India then Nepal, i was wondering you forgot to mention there are more poor beggars in India then whole of African continent, let alone Nepal. But since I am living in cool and cold, (not like 40’C hot India) Nepal now, I don’t think about India at all.

      • Dibyendu says:

        You just proved the point about Indians being manner-less, by not being very polite. 🙂

        I don’t know how many Indian women you have come across – to generalize that all of them are ugly? Have you, by anyway, heard about Aishwarya Rai – Miss World and Sushmita Sen – Miss Universe? And you must see my wife to believe! Of course Nepali people are good looking too – as are people all over the world.

        As for the ‘dark skin’ being ugly – have you heard of Naomi Campbell?

        Yes, India has its share of poverty too – but it is the true patriotic Indian who is slogging in the “40ºC” in the fields like social works, computers and technology, education etc. to take it on the pathway of development. If it is filthy and stinky, it is because of people like you who run away – deserting their mother – at the time when they would need her children most. … And an escapist calling his forefathers (who even died for the country, with the Geeta in their hands and smile in their face) cowards!

        Having said that, I am sure you are somebody faking as an Indian! We Indians, who get goosebumps while singing the ‘Vande Mataram’ can not be so dastardly in denigrating ones motherland. And, if you can’t be loyal to your own land (which I am sure India is not), your allegiance for another will always be doubted!

  19. Sam says:

    Hi, read the article, I found this to be true (almost), I am from Kolkata, India. We have a lot of Nepalis living here and most of them tend to mix amongst themselves but a very few make friends outside their community. I won’t blame them for that and I also won’t blame the Indians as well for that. May be because we all are brought up in that way, you know. Even among the Indians there are a lot of regional feelings, very few make good friends with people of other states. Even in most of the cases parents and elders get involved when they notice their children make friends with someone from other religion or state. (But I am happy that it does not apply in my case). So that might be the case why it happens.
    I have read in Indian religious scriptures and history about the state of affairs in the ancient and medieval India, we all know that the South Asia had once been an epicentre of world trade and culture. People from China (Heung Tsang, Fa Hein etc.), Middle East(Alberuni), Europe(Magesthenes, Marco Polo etc.) came to the region for gaining the wealth of knowledge, religion and culture. The local people then welcomed them with open arms, the age old philosophy of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” (The world is one big family) was followed. Everything was working well when the foreigners shunned their involvement in the affairs of the local people. But the problem started, when the foreigners attacked, captured and divided people on the point of sword, language and religion. The so called “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” philosophy flopped and the originally peaceful South Asians adopted the culture of hatred from the Western Civilizations. Sixtyfour years ago the British left Indian sub continent, but they left their legacy of divide and rule behind, and divided the subcontinent on the lines of religion, race and language. Today the problem with these 5 nations (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Srilanka) is they are the offsprings of the generation misled by the colonial powers, so how could one think that the “love thy neighbour” philosophy is taught by their upper generation. The people from every province and state in these countries think themselves better than the people from other provinces and do not completely believe in the other (Thanks to cricket and other sports, where we get the priviledge to unite as a country and like each other) . And to mention about the relations amongst the country of South Asia, we all have only one feeling “YOU BETRAYED ME, THAT’S WHY WE PARTED OUR WAYS”.
    Until and unless we accept our current position and respect each others language, culture and feelings we will always remain parted.

    However there is still a ray of hope, and that is only with the present generation. We can only patch up this gap amongst our countries.

    • felii says:

      FYI Nepal was never colonized and was never under India..

      • lokeshindian says:

        felii – FYI – Read history before India was invaded by the Mughals. Indians and Nepalese are of the same blood and even worship the same god and Nepal was a part of Bharat, Bharatvasrsha, Hindustan. Whatever you call it.

    • MANNU says:

      Frnd i also agree that britishers divided us on the basis of colour,religion and status bt who is to blame abat our present condition we know all that it was plan of britishers bt following d sam path n doing sam fault which our ancestors did .so its d need of hour to unite n face d the then colonial powers who sitting peacefully dividing us.

    • Mohit says:

      @ Sam

      One correction- Its Not “Vasudev Kutumbakam” but “Vashudhaiva Kutubakam”

      I am suggesting this to you because both have different meaning.

      “Vasudev Kutumbakam”= Vasudev’s Family

      “Vashudhaiva Kutubakam”= “Vasudha+aiva Kutumbakam”= Whole Earth is family

      i hope you don’t mind..

  20. Jonathan says:

    Indians and Nepalis are different in same ways as Germans and French are different although both are white. India is over crowded, there are lots of nice people but lots of sick people too. like the people in bombay and delhi who like to keep Nepali and bangladeshi girls in their brothels against their will. look up Nepali teens forced prostitution on google. also look up this link : http://www.planusa.org/contentmgr/showdetails.php/id/1250642, they even don’t let go of small children. there are over 500000 Nepali teen age girls trapped in Delhi and Bombay against their will forced to have sex with 30+ people a day for less than dollar per person. How can one have respect for these bloody indians? you don’t hear that about Nepal, now do you? India is a bully, ask any neighboring countries, like paki, bangladesh, maldives, etc etc. no body likes India although lots of Indians are nice. but no matter how nice these Indians think they are they always look down on Nepalis and others. they seriously have attitude problems. thats why they are hated in lots of countries in the world and have reputation of being stingy, smelly, and funny with their accent because they think they need to teach British or Aussies about English.
    Now a days it’s even worse because whatever they were taught by gandi , they have forgotten and they are desperately Turing into white slaves again in their quest to become Nrns( non resident Indians). And they don’t do it because they are poor or struggling , they mostly go overseas and work as slaves because it is a big time show off to their friends and families back home. they live up their lives for other peoples’ expectation. India was fked by pretty much everyone; british, dutch, mongols, afgans and treated as slaves. Nepal was never colonized, they fought so bravely with the british that they take them in their army and grant them citizenship and give Victoria cross , the biggest medal for bravery in Britain. Nepali way of practicing Hinduism is different than indian ways too, although they have strong influence from Indian hindus. back in 70-90 Nepal was a very independent and strong country against india because of the beloved late king Birendra. But t india could not see that and started sending Indian citizens such as koirals who are more affiliated to India to destroy Nepal. Please go to Nepal and then go to India it feels totally different. And Nepali men look very different , some look like Indians because lots of indians ran off to nepal when they were getting their arse kicked by mugals and assimilated in Nepal, but over all mostly Nepalis are mixed with mongoloids and have different attributes.

  21. Santosh Khadka says:

    Yes what you state is very true, being a Nepali my self I sometimes also feel a slight anger towards Indians because whenever any find out I’m Nepali there attitude and facial expression changes to almost derogatory, even when the only thing they know me is where I’m from.

    I believe that they believe that we are poor and just a lower people, many seem to have a superiority complex which consequently would make any Nepali mad. Also the fact that many Indians believe Nepal to be almost a branch of India, and getting mistaken for a Indian in foreign countries is very annoying. In fact with the whole British colonization talk; Nepal was never colonized by the British, when in fact India was even while being a “bigger” country, hell Nepali Gurkha’s were feared by the British after there incidence causing the British to get help from Nepal to take over India.

    I mean we have Mt. Everest, Buddha, Gurkha’s, Beautiful landscapes, our own distinct culture, and our own language as well. Sure the presence of Indian culture is very profound in Nepal but we still have our own identity. Just the fact that many Indians consider Nepali people to be a part of them and being mistaken for a Indian is very annoying which is why consequently many Nepalis don’t like Indians as well.

    I mean its a very childish argument but you could even say the Indians started it. Sure not all Indians feel this way and neither do all Nepali people but the amount that do is too great to be ignored.

    And i know this from personal experience from being a Nepali and having been born in Nepal and currently living in the United States. Most Indians no matter where I go seem to feel contempt for Nepali’s which is an issue many Nepali including my self “hate.”

  22. Jonathan says:

    and can you imagine these are the same ppl who have 60 percent of the population in extreme poverty. hundreds of thousands of people are in slums and on streets, and everyday hundreds of little girls are sold in brothels and killed because they did not bring enough dowry when they were getting married. and still they manage to act arrogant and obnoxious. Nepali ppl are patience, and to be honest i am kind of sad at this girl who is married to a Nepali guy but she goes asking ppl what’s the difference between Nepali and Indian, go to kathmandu and go to delhi and go to villages of Nepal and India, and see for yourself and tell us what you feel like or did you just get married to a foreigner because you were seeking attention in life ?

    • Gobind says:

      You are really ignorant about India. Try to read up a bit on the country before making such bigoted remarks.

    • little monk in london says:

      Hey man you are awesome. I wish she dint marry a nepali just to get attention in her life. Lets hope she is much more broad minded and led her to take this decision. Some people are really courageous enough to act on this kind of thing. I would love to marry the person I love despite which country she comes from. Anyway, you analysed Indian pretty well. You know I believe world could be much kinder, sober and nice place to live if we could correct Islamic fundamentalist and Indain/Chinese attitude. Thanks 🙂

    • kassiekarki says:

      Why would you attack someone for being curious? Who gets married for attention? And she did not ask what is the difference between Nepalis and Indians she asked about the rivalry between the two. Which apparently looking at all of the comments here there is. How about you actually read someone’s post before you write an insulting comment about it? I think that would be a smart idea dont you?

  23. Mohan Tiwari says:

    i am an indian.. i never stereotype nepalese .I have visited nepal 3 times,i love their country.

    From general perspective,99% of indian wont have a bad feeling against hindu majority nepal(ofcourse religion plays a major role).

    But majority of indians hate pakistan for spreaing terrorism and extremism(sheltering and supporting terror in india).
    Many of us want our borders with bangladesh to be sealed ,since we dont get any more bengali muslim population ,which can create future kashmir kind of situation in north east

    Since nepal is a hindu country,sharing religion,social structure,civlization and vedic history;majority of indians
    have good feeling about nepal.

    The only reason ,india have open borders with nepal and bhutan is that they are all peaceful,soft and tolerant like us(religion is the key issue 🙂 )

    coming back to punjabis;many of them are not only racist with respect to nepal and north east;they would even try to trash other local inhabitants of north india.

    The only problem lies with few million of punjabi(pakistani migrants) who have the most impolite/aggressive people who migrated from pakistan try to dominate us and enforce it upon us.

    I had faced many racist remarks (even being from main land north india;i had no mongoloids feature).

    North east people face many racist slurs in delhi and government of india should educated the punjabis of delhi!!

  24. rabin says:

    I am so glad to read your story. Nepalese people are very honest in nature and are able to adjust in any kind of situation. They love peoples who loves them. They never become trouble for anybody but they will help you with their heart if you ask. Please dont feel that nepalese people are not famous like other asians so your love is not perfect. Nepalese people are very forward in sharing hearts. They mean what they say

    To the point why is their rivalry between Nepalese and Indian , There are many issues to be considered.

    Due to undue political influence and unnecessary political intervention of indian politician in nepal(like trade restrictions to pressurise governement as nepal is landlocked and all trade needs to be done via india). India never likes nepalese economy to be uplifted by china. They raise question whenever delegation from nepal goes to china and vice versa. india have been supressing nepalese and occupying nepalese lands in border (http://www.kiratisaathi.com/blog.php?id=488).

    It has always trend that any movie and channels express all nepalese as name called “BAHADUR”. In fact bahadur is just a middle name of few nepalese but indian uses it as racial discrimination. indian thinks that all half of nepalese are in india for work and nepalese are watchman, servants but in fact there are more indians who work in nepal than nepali in india. Indian business men in nepal are always considered to be “tax cheater” by nepalese. Nepal as been best source of shelter from criminals from nepal. There have been issue few days ago, I had commented few words with respect to going concern about economic situation of the world, one Indian commented as “ye hamare nokar he aur raja banne ki koshish karte hain” means– “They are our servant but tries to be a king”.

    However Nepalese also becomese sometimes nasty with the immigrants from India. Nepalse think all the indians are criminals and thugs. They too have common racist name for indian as “DHOTI”. I must accept nepalese too posess some role on this rivalry.

    Im so glad reading above comments (specially from indians) that they like our country and its people. I am not generalizing indians or nepalese but just explaining the situation and reasons. People’s attitude and habit comes from the culture, family and society so bad person can be from anywhere around world so we cant say one is good or bad from country of origin….

  25. bikash gurung says:

    nepalese should be respected because they play major role in indian gurkha regiment.go to the frontline of indo-pakistan border you will see many nepalese.
    i hate india because the disrespect nepali people and our country.

    • lokeshindian says:

      bikash gurung – Are you out of your mind to think India wins battles against Pakistan because it has Gorkha Regiment. (LOL). Indian Defense Force is way way larger in number than the entire population of Nepal.
      I respect the Gorkhas and their braveness. They are fearless and can die for their country and/or the country they serve for.
      STOP being ignorant and if you are so proud of your country and your Gorkha Army then ask your GOVERNMENT to stop sending Gorkhas to India, England, France and many other countries. We hire them and salute them and their bravery.

  26. bikash gurung says:

    check this out 1960 documentry of nepal by BBC

    this is just a little bit….there are many tribes and enthnics in nepal.

  27. Pratik Giri says:

    @ white girl in a sari

    you have raised a very controversial topic here… its an obvious fact that none of us- “me being a Nepalese and our Indian counterparts will accept that we both are to be equally blamed for whatever that’s going on. AS a child, I went to boarding School in Darjeeling( now in India, was still a part of India thn too!!, but my grandad .. he says a diff story but anyways!!) ..and the majority of students at boarding schools in Darjeeling are nepalese and so are the local residents. And looking back at my past , I don’t remember how I developed a kind of rivalry against our dear neighbors….but it did start there and I am darn sure abt tht. I have had a considerable amount of interactions with Indians, while traveling back and forth. It was kinda a fifty-fifty thing.. there were couple of good folks and couple of bad ones.. which is same everywhere.. and obviously you tend to remember the bad ones. typical human nature i would say…… !!
    And then after my grade 7th my parents brought me back home, and I was enrolled into one these “INDIAN” international school..so in fact it was back in Kathmandu, my home town, where I came into direct contact with our fellow neighbors.. now whatever i am saying is a hundred 100% truth….. listen to this.. The geography book that i had, said that the Mt. Everest was in India…the book for Moral science said that Buddha was born in Nepal . And I am not even kidding…that exactly how it was . anyways.. so this is more like vice-verse thing.. they call us names…. we call them dhotis,,……. they think they are smart,,,, we call them thieves!! but anyways.. coming back the main topic.. the Indian dude commenting on our character……. so lemme tell you something.. I come from a military family, and every 1 in 2family u come across in Nepal has someone serving in military!! …and my family is that “1” I am the first generation that opted to chose a different career other than military…anyways.. the point is you have a good man there!! We Nepalese men are raised by our moms’ and don’t worry!!! we have learn our etiquette well, we have seen our old man do that.. and we shall do the same.. We definitely know how to treat our woman, and take care of the family!! 😉 …….. so WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!! 😉

  28. Buddha Pariyar says:

    This is so much true that Nepali n Indian are not same,, we can understand HIndi language but the Indians cant understand while we talk, so how we can be same?? Being aboard now, I realized that Nepal n Nepalese really means a lot to me. I got one Nepali friend who worked with me n he is from Indian boarder side of Nepal called Saptari. He called himself Nepali but when he speaks he sounds me like an Indian. Not only that he always read the BBC hindi news in front of me which drives me crazy of his doings n since we work as a customer service he always try people describing about India but not Nepal. So this is what we been facing problems in nepal recently because of open border n weak foreign policy,, Indians are entering n trying hard apparently to do culturally n economically as their wish>>>>>

  29. kanwar says:

    I am a Sindhi Guy with a NepaleseGirlfriend..I really like A Nepali Than a Typical Indian Woman..They are well mannered and with a nice mindset..not those typical western wannabee Indian woman I used to know..and for Punjabi women..sory for my opinion.they are very cheap like a bunch of slutty nordic women.

  30. Contempt and disdain is more like it. But it is not pan-Indian, more of a North Indian thing. In North Indian cities like Delhi, an overwhelming number of Nepalis tend to be drivers, security guards or house help, which gives the Bhaiyyas an impression that this is what most Nepalis are. This part of India is highly feudal and people have an inherent tendency of putting other people in mental boxes in terms of caste, religion and socio-economic status.
    In my part of India, Nepalis have traditionally been businessmen, farmers or government employees, pretty much in the same socio-economic position as the rest of us. Ethnically, they are our brothers, an Assamese for example is culturally and phenotypically closer to a Nepali than someone from UP, Punjab or Bihar. So Nepalis in my part of India are less likely to face the same level of contempt and disdain as they do in Delhi (or Lucknow). Personally, I find Nepalis more honest, trustworthy and ethical than the Hindis.

  31. Unknown says:

    Just to let you. Indians and Nepalese do have tad but of rivalry. So don’t you worry. It’s pretty normal to see an Indian bad mouthing nepalese and vice versa. Though I love both of the races!

  32. Lonly_Hermit says:

    I am Indian who come from army background i have known many Nepalis mostly Gurkhas and i have great respect for them. They are brave hardworking bunch, who live in most harshest climate known to man to serve their adopted country. I agree there are lot of stereotypes associated both with respect to Nepalis and Indians but i wouldn’t call it rivalry.
    @all nepalis here:Firstly you cannot classify all Indians are same type there are 22 languages spoken out here, India is pretty diverse there is a difference of temperament, food, culture, skin complexion, language.I know some bretheren Countrymen can behave in very rude manners, but we indians do that to each other all the time North Indians saying crap about southerners and vice versa, it is sad but it mostly due to culture unawareness. I am aware that you may be called chinki’s and all but such people are very much in minority, this does not mean that you paint all off them in negative manner.
    @all my countrymen:Well i ask you guys to be bit more sensitive about cultural issues we behave in this manner not only with Nepalis but with each other also. The Indian union has many culture and diversity we speak many languages there is no country on earth where such diversity exist .So ask request you all to no to engage or encourage any stereotype we are a shining example to world that people of many diversity can coexist.

  33. subham11 says:

    Hi All,

    I am a Indian guy, for official purpose i have been staying in kathmandu from last 5 months, i have made a lot of friends here, who are very good and helpful to me, even some months ago i was just going to die, but i am alive rite now for my friends here who helped me when i was in the ICU, till now i have never ever faced this kind of issues what it has mentioned here, the only problem i face here is with the taxi drivers … i think not only me they loot every one.

    After staying here so much and reading local news papers and channels, i understood these kind of things are mostly spread by politicians, for their own interest. This is the first time ever, i am listening to this by other individuals who are not politicians.

    I am a software engineer, and at my headoffice in India, there a lot other friends are there who are working with me, even there are a lot other people from here who are studying in Bangalore, and i think hardly they most be facing any kind of issues like this what it has been mentioned here, the problems they would be facing would be the same as a nomal Indian facing in Bangalore.

  34. heysubas says:

    Well, i’ve completely no idea where to begin with., I wouldn’t say that there is not any rivalry between Indians and Nepalese, It would rather be called as antagonistic view from both sides. To be more specific, due to Geo-political democratic freedom both countries have it has its adverse effect in both sides. Being a Nepalese what i mean to say is there are some core differences which has made differentiated views and created a situation of tension to both sides. Let me be more clear on those issues.
    The first issue between Indian and Nepalese rose in those moments where British couldn’t make their victory over Nepal, due to the extreme landscape and geographical difficulties, on the other side the Gurkha’s fought like a warriors and began to overshadow the British army with their skills and bravery. Due to which, Indians felt a kind of jealousy in capturing Nepal’s soil. So both Indians and British secretly assigned to make a treaty with Nepal. Which is popularly known as a 1950s’ treaty between Nepal and India,henceforth that treaty still creates a warm political war in major political parties in Nepal and India. The treaty was held by British and Indians to capture some beautiful landscapes and geographical land of Nepal like Darjeeling, Sikkim and Tista from the East of Nepal and Kalapani, Kagada From the West of Nepal. Those beautiful states were first conquered by the great conqueror of Nepal, HM King Prithvi Narayan Shah.
    So, that treaty was kind of a consignment to both sides, moreover a win and win situation for British Indians but it was a treaty of humiliation and embarrassment to Nepalese citizens who fought and sacrificed their life for the shake of their country. In fact, that 1950s’ treaty wasn’t made with the public consent, twas’ just a treaty between leaders. So, we Nepalese still feel that those treaties were made on the false backgrounds and does not hold any meaning to date so the 1950s’ treaty should be reconsidered under new base and new foundations and those lands should be given back to the Nepalese Sovereignty. Still Majority of people residing in those states are Nepalese. Those were the states teared apart from the mother Nepal by British Indians in 1950s’. Near by these tensions the political views are still hovering in the context, which on the people of either side is the same.

    Secondly, the issue rises from being a country locked by the India in South and North in China. At the Northern part mostly the areas are full of mountains and Himalayas so which is a major problem in having easy communication and relation with China. Still there are some boarders line from where the foods and clothes are traded in both countries. But the most difficult part is the landscape in North, due to which the the easy means of transport can’t easily get accessed from those routes. Besides the tight boarder security of China we are forced to limited access of daily activities and communication with China. However, in South part of Nepal. most of the trade and business are accessed through easy means of transport and communication due to plain landscapes and open boarder facility. So, now India got opportunity to force Nepal become dependent on India for food and necessary daily usages even like. oil, salt, sugar, gas, clothes and various means. Till, date the relationship between Nepal and India is in edge due to the political views of Indian government towards Nepal’s sovereignty and democratic freedom. We feel India is like a big shark in the ocean trying to swallow and conquer Nepal. So the general impression on public on both sides feel as enmity of both country.

    The third issue is always about the popularity of Nepal and Nepalese people that the Indians feels jealous about. First, The Enlightenment of Asia Lord Buddha who was born in Nepal. Lumbini 2600 years ago, is proclaimed by Indians that Buddha was born in India, which is not true. Nepal being a birth place of Lord Buddha and Buddhism religion is also remembered a a peaceful Nation in the world. Back in 2000 during the regime of our Late King Birendra in world summit he proposed more than 150 countries to announce Nepal as a only Peaceful nation on earth, so they agreed on proposal. Back again so, with such popularity Nepal is gaining worldwide India couldn’t stand along, and supported to Maoist party in creating violence since then in Nepal, which is still in process of making Nepal into piece and piece like back in the 1950s’ so then India could easily takeover.

    Next issue could be the only nation standing with the height of largest range of Himalayas and the highest peak in the world MT. EVEREST. Among other nations of the world Nepal could only be such destination for holidays where one could get and explore every aspects of natures and wonders. The most ranked tourist destination spot on the world could be another benefit for India if they get success. Considering there are lots of things where India has got its deep interest on in Nepal and its environment. The water resources in the second largest in the world after Brazil which is in Nepal. Still no would believe if i say that Nepal has enormous capacity to provide electricity to all India with its own Water resources. Which is true in fact, from the latest record of NEC (Nepal Electric Corporation) has sold heaviest KW of electricity roughly 90KW to India in this summer, which is happening in every year, however the worst part of it is during winter Nepal is bound back to buy electricity from India with heavy price, which is F***kg humiliating and embarrassing even just to hear it.

    At last, there are even numerous issues between Nepal and India which are irrevocable from the Indian government opinion, but the change we need is now and today, if we could just get start from where it started i.e.1950s’, if those hidden treaties were once altered in an awakened eye of international committee, then everything could go right. I’ve mentioned above some core issues which has created an immense rivalry between Indians and Nepalese. So, even at this time there is and environment of change flowing through, but what we Nepalese has suffered through remained unchanged. I don’t meant to hurt any one with my article but being a Nepalese boy and has seen so much in life at this age, i couldn’t suppressed and impose those feelings to discovered through me. After all, the place is always lovable and beautiful in your eyes where you’ve spent your entire childhood and gone through a precious moment of one’s life. I have deep respect of others freedom, rights and feelings, no offense to anyone, god bless you all.
    I love my country Mother NEPAL.
    heysubas from Darwin.

  35. heysubas says:

    with my sincere apology. instead of 90KW it should be 60MW

  36. Djamn says:

    To all my friends,

    I was researching the relation between Nepal and India and my attention was caught up this site and wondered what is it about until i figured…..
    I couldn’t read all the post completely however i feel there is a strong hatred amongst each other. I am Nepali, and have done a tremendous amount of traveling in both the countries. And what i have gathered is that we (not just Nepali and Indians but all human race) all are no worse than curs on the street, fighting for such silly reasons (you name it). The irony is that these two countries are supposed to be spiritually inclined and what do we find on the contrary is Jealousy, Insecurity, Hatred, etc. The foreigners come and go with the wisdom which is abundance in both countries and ,yet we, on the other hand, are so blind to even to spot it. Lets us live our lives with peacefully and harmoniously.

    Ignorance is not bliss but a curse!!!!!

  37. Bhupinder says:

    Some people from Nepal are Crazy,they speaks non sense about India,I Don’t Know why,maybe need some Morals.

  38. MADRIHNO says:

    I am really please White girl in a sari as u are like my vauju coz u are a wife of a Nepalese brother and every brother are like my own because they are from the great place NEPAL WHERE we treat everyone in equal the land of gautam buddha and the land of 8 highest mountain, first of all about the topic i started AYELAGNE MATHI NEPALI JAILAGCHA this mean we never start the war if they started the war we will never hesitate to be and fight that war and we have proved several times about my indian fellow mate coz i am from NEW ZEALAND FILLED with so called punjabi most of them are all A**holes some of them are good but over all they are stupid think this is india and those craps which comes out of there mouth even the teacher are fed up, and the realation between india and nepal will never change we will hate them they will hate us that will never change until and unless indian don’t show there superior behavior which they are not i can’t imagine people who are commenting in above saying nepal is poor hahahaha fck that if u go KTM or other parts of nepal you will see how reach lifestyle they live…

  39. nick says:

    Ok!! i will eventually tell you in point why Nepalese hate indians in general, nothing personal. Before i begin its fair to say i am Nepali United States and I am Nepalese and i know a lot of people who are indians..

    Nepalese grow up with sentiments by which they hate india, like india trys to encroach nepalese boarder, floods Nepalese fields by making some dam in India, and tries to influence in the politics.

    Indians working in Nepal are usually really low paid and work in carpenter factories, are vegetable vendors, who really have an indian accent which is made fun of in Nepal usually. These vendors could be prolly Southern Nepalese as well, but they will be mocked either way because of the way they talk and they look.

    Very importantly, in especially i grew up watching Indians movies, i even wanted to dance like Hritick Roshan, there seemed really good looking in the tv, infact they looked more Nepalese and i never differentiated indians and nepalese on the basis of the looks, but now i am in United States and i come in contact with all these indians who are dark skinned. When bunch of Nepalese hang out together i can easily distinguish between Nepali and Indian just by the way they look most of the time. Nepalese in general are light brown and they are usually the mix of mongols and other attribute so they look nicer. Sorry not personal but just an observation. Now suddenly, me and my friends find ourself in a situation talking about how we thought we somehow belonged to indian group, donot find comfortable anymore to be called of the same group because suddenly its more to being indian than we ever imagined. I think this is more south and north indian issues because there are two kind of people in indian sub continent, light brown and dark brown and they always have issues about this because we like to differentiate ourself as group from the other who doesnot basically look the same. But now because of the complexity of migration and interbreeding, sometime its hard to tell.

    I could be wrong about he color issues because i havenot been to india personally and this is just from my observation in United States.

  40. Coolguy says:

    we have got lot of ethnic groups….we have different types of cultures,rites,rituals,etc..we are multilingual .we have indian and east asian heritages of people in nepal…we are proud to be living together…we are never been a part of india..we are proud to be nepali….actually,india dominant nepal..this is the main problem…

  41. Starlightchasersuz7 says:

    I am a Bengali girl, head over heels in love with a Nepali boy.. He lives in India. His father works here.. The thing is.. All the cultural differences, language barriers socio-political rivalry… Nothing comes in between you and your partner. Coz’ in true love, it’s you two against the world.
    The thing I like the most about Nepali boys is not their cute nose and pouty baby lips and pale skin…even deeper than that. It’s their unpolluted nature, honesty, and straight forwardness. I left my camera in a Darjeeling cafe and after 5 hours when I returned, I got it back. But, in Indian metropolitan cities like the one I live in, Kolkata, You’ll lose a pair of your torn slippers in a blink. I got it. Not the border of countries that distinguishes them. It’s simply the mountain that keeps them pure.

  42. Inder Singh says:

    some great discussion going on here. I am an Indian male living in U.S. Before I came to U.S. I was living in Dehradun, India which is also home to lot of Nepali’s families ( Indian or Nepali, I don’t know). Many statements made here are true some extend. I do want to talk about 4-5 issues between India and Nepal which are purely based on research/polls/studies.

    1. Nepal being an independent country and has nothing to do with Indian or Indian history. This is true Nepal was never a part of India and will never be, But all countries in the region Nepal came under pressure from Britishers and lost some land which later was given to India during the partition. Sikkim ( I know many Indian and Nepalese will not like this as there are many schools of thoughts about the issue). Sikkim region was part of Nepal prior to 1791 when China supported Sikkim to fight against Nepal and since then Sikkim was independent, later Sikkim allied with the Britishers, At the time of Indian independence Sikkim refused to join India. Later due to instability in Sikkim, Sikkim became a state of India ( again there are different schools of thought on this, some believe that Sikkim was forced to join and some believe Sikkim was economically unstable and they wanted a stable support, In any case Sikkim was not a part of modern Nepal when it joined India according to documented history).

    2. India’s interference in Nepal’s politics —This is true and it is also true that Nepalese politicians are always looking for Indian support and investing money in India for personal gains same way as politicians from India or any other country do with a more economically powerful nation. Natural resourced are limited and yes India has invested a lot in building Dams and making power plants on the rivers which flow to Nepal. Being a Civil engineer myself I know that there water has to be released and flood the villages just to protect the infrastructure from collapsing, this is the reason Nepal has seen flooding created by India, but India has to do that in other part of the country and sometimes flood their own towns. India does take decisions which are more favorable to Indian national interest. India sells electricity to Nepal and also gives lot of credit to the Nepal government for the same, this is again no different than India getting a credit of Russia or U.S for military supplies. The one has more lends to the one who is in need. Even with India supplying electricity to Nepal, India does not have enough electricity for themselves, hence when there are power cuts in India it really affects Nepal worst than India. Both countries politicians play with policies and international relations for national interest and personal benefits.

    3. Treatment of Nepalese People in India and Treatment of Indian People in Nepal —- People migrate when they are in need of job and money and that’s what poor people from Nepal did and traveled to Indian in search of livelihood and better future for their kids and same was done by many Indian living in poor states like Bihar and traveled to Nepal and took small jobs or became small vendors. Indian people have used to tern “Bahadur” and “Gurkha” to discriminate some low wage employees in India and Nepal has done the same thing by calling Indian “Dhoti”. To give an example here in U.S. when you talk about Mexican’s everybody link them to cutting grass or working farms or restaurants, if you go to Mexico you will have a different feel about the country, actually worlds richest man is from Mexico. I do have to say that people of Nepal grow up with anti Indian sentiments because of many reason in political, and personal and Indian don’t have anything negative about Nepalese while growing up. Indian do stereotyped Nepalese by associating them with Watchman and cooks etc ( which is wrong but that’s what most of the Nepali people engaged in when they first started migrating to India).

    4. National Identity Crisis —– It may not sound much of an issue but in reality it is a big deal and it makes a difference in the way people think. Nepal is an independent country and will start that way. People who are living in Nepal will always be Nepali and will always have Indian cultural and language influence as long as they keep watching Indian Cinema and TV. On the Other hand people who have migrated to India and are living in India for decades and have somewhat turned Indian at least in cultural aspect if not Nationality have a different opinion about hating India as they have benefited from being in India. There are approximately 4,000,000 Nepalese living in India ( Indian and Nepali origin). Recent political events in Nepal ( past 15 years since death of the Kings family) has created more anti India sentiments, because the political instability in Nepal forced Politicians from both countries to come together and India helped Nepal thru the crisis economically and politically ( again this statement is from research and can be argued). When your national Identity is at risk, you feel threaten and dent to defend and fight, creating bad feeling on the country or the person you are depending on.

    5. Trade Control —– Nepal as always argued that all the trade treaties with India are not fare and they benefit India more than Nepal. After doing some research I agree with the sentiments of Nepalese people with the exception that we have to realize that both the countries have open border and India has to protect the trade in national interest and that’s why they did what they did ( does not make it right). India never stopped Nepal from doing business with other countries, Nepal has foreign cars before Indian even thought of them( Indians used to travel to Nepal to buy imported cars). But Nepal being land locked India has always taxed Nepal for the imports of they were not form India. Indian know that Nepal needs India for development of industries in Nepal and they exploit this issue, at the same time Nepal has made then self dependent on India even on the smallest items.( political failure).

    6. Who is better Nepalese or Indian people ? —- It depends on where you are from? travel to different parts of India and you will have different thoughts among people about what they think about people from Nepal. My grandfather was in Indian Army and had worked with Gurkha regiment and has great things to say about them, If you are in Delhi Nepalese people are associated with low wage work. Same is true for Nepal, different people have different opinions, people who have some family in India usually do not have anti Indian sentiments. also one of my observation is that rich people from Nepal has more anti Indian sentiments than they poor mass.

    I tried to find the reasons who people think what they were writing in your blog and this is what I came up with. It is hard to change peoples views but one can try to understand them and that what I and trying..

    I Singh

  43. k.sharma says:

    i m an Indian Nepali n proud of being Indian..Shouldnt hv used d term Indian Nepali bcz i m Indian n nepali is my mother toungue…but i specifically used dis term 2 make some of d morons frm nepal understand dat der r 1 crore Nepali speaking Indian people In India…Yes Mr Singh its nt 40 lakh its 1 crore…i live in d eastern part of India..n as sum1 said in our part of India d nepali speaking Indians r doing grt…der r doctors,engineers,civil servants..i myself m working as an assistant professor in a college in Assam..n mind u most of d teachersn professors in our state rnepali speaking Indians…i agree der is some biasness 2wards d nepali speaking people in north India…its got 2 do with typical north Indian mentality of some idiots…nt all of them..i hv many north Indian frens …the problem also is of race…Nepali people r generally assumed 2 b of mongoloid origin…bt like any other caste nepalese 2 hv brahmins,khsatriyas…vaishyas(though newars cant b called vaishyas in true context,bt still)n shudras alongwith other tribes…i see many Nepalese people even considering Nepali kshatriyas(chetris) n brahins(bahuns) as Indians bcz they hv der origin in India…so all nepali brahmins n chetris who r criticizing India here beware bcz sooner or later u will also b thrown out of Nepal by d so called aboriginal Nepalis..bcz dey consider u as Indians…history is a process of migration….people migrate frm 1 place 2 another..out of 1 crore Nepali speaking Indians almost 80% came 2 India frm Nepal or dn nepal(garhwal n kumaon) more dan 150 years ago….they r Indian in d true context n love der motherland India…n fr ur kind information nepali is recognised as a national language alongwith other languages of India long back in 1992…keep politics aside..i wont touch dat aspect..bcz China has made u mad n u will always keep blaming India fr everything n whenevr u r in need..it would b again India who will b heliping u people…even ur prachanda wen he ws hiding decided 2 take shelter in India..n see now..whenver he talks about India,he vomits shit…such people r called ehsanfaramosh n aastin ka saap in India..in nepali…testa manche le jun thal ma khanchan tehi thaal ma chid parchan…so i would request D nepali frens in Nepal 2 b more intelligent n dont play at d hands of ur politicians n china n think abt India as ur fren..trust me being a nepali Indian i hv never heard any Indian speaking bad about Nepal(though i agree dey hv some false notion dat nepalis who come frm nepal r only engaged as chowkidars),bt i told u its typical north Indian mentality,dey treat d north eastern Indian people also in d same way..finally plz dont say anything bad against India bcz no nepali Indian could tolerate it..we love our country India n respect ur country Nepal 2..bt trust me o m saying dis on behalf of all nepali speaking Indians…if u speaking filthy words abt India in front of any nepali speaking Indian …he wont think once b4 breaking ur neck or slitting ur neck with his khukuri..jai gorkha..jai hind…

    • Reav Charles says:


      • k.sharma says:

        reave do you live in this planet??????i have written many words in short form here which any dumbass can understand…

    • limbu says:

      we don’t care ,,and stop using indian gorkhali,,indian gorkhali,,later u people will claim gurkhas are actually from iNDIA and in course of time started residing in Nepal..And don’t threaten us about khukuri and khukuri,,,We are Nepali Nepali and you are Indian Nepali,,

  44. Vivek says:

    We Indians have a great respect for Nepal and Nepali people.I dont know how many people here know many Nepalis lost their life while protecting territorial integrity of India.Moreover Nepali people are known for their bravery,loyality and honesty world over. Indians always associate them
    with honesty and loyality.If some Indians think Nepal was a part of India they are totally wrong Nepal was always an independent kingdom.We Indians admire Nepal for many things like it protected its independence throughout the history,honesty,loyality and peacefulness
    of its people.There may be few political problems on both sides but that is not general public’s

    • Nadim says:

      Excellent Vivek!! That’ll calm down many critics & a lot of doubts…

    • mp says:

      I agree with Vivek: This is at least what we were taught in schools, and I grew up in the plains thinking highly of the Nepalis (and I retain the same view). However, once I came to the hills, I realized that fellow Indians (middle-class) living in the hill states view Nepalis negatively–most likely because familiarity breeds contempt (and a kind of tough-love realism), given that lots of poor Nepalis come to these states to do menial jobs. However, poorer Indians even in the hill states do not view the Nepalis negatively–but have mixed feelings depending on their personal contact and experiences.

  45. DJ Dave says:

    Well my Myanmar Nepali girlfriend said that “Indians can’t marry a Nepali lady” and ‘”You can’t speak Nepali so you can”t marry a Nepali lady.What the heck? I was not born in India (though of Indian origins) and i can’t even speak Hindi.

  46. beee says:

    i disagree. lol my boyfriend is a nepalese and he’s not even into partying nor white girls cause obviously im not white lol

  47. Padam Samsohang Subba Limbu says:

    I even had not stopped for a second to think or imagine on the rivalry between these two citizens. But what I experienced day before yesterday in Mumbai CSI airport made me investigate something more on the relationship between these two. When I was trying to find out more facts on Indo-Nepali relationship, I got this link. Thanks a lot ‘white girl in a sari’ because I found out many thing
    s in this link. Finally I thought it would be relevant to copy and paste my latest Facebook wall on the comment box below.

    “Something went sad yesterday: I made my Colombo-Kathmandu travel today by Jet Airways. After more than 2 hours of flying I had to transit through Mumbai CSI airport. For security check, I put my baggage, laptop and coat for video x-ray check-in as usual and I entered the gate where an Indian police officer was waiting for me to check my body. I forwarded my passport and Boarding Pass in front of his desk and let him go through my body. I must appreciate him for his honest job while checking my body. But unexpectedly there occurred a painful situation for me. I do not know how he feels with that. He asked me in Hindi language “Kahan se aaraha he Bhadur” (where are you coming from Bhadur)? I got annoyed and immediately wanted to hear it again asking him big “WHAT?”. He repeated, “kahan se aaraha he”? I gave him specific answer in English language for I am not fluent in Hindi language. Then I reacted nothing. I took my things and began to walk ahead. The conversation between us was pinching my heart with lots of pains. I analyzed and analyzed and analyzed the conversation through the night. When an Indian calls a Nepali by an adjective Bahadur/Bhadur it sounds annoying for him because he takes it as ungrateful and hated nickname. There were hundreds of Nepalese transferring thought the airport. Are they all treated in such a way they do not prefer? I thought whole night. An Indian calling a Nepali by nicknames ‘kancha’ or ‘Bahadur’ is ungrateful to him. He thinks it is not more than insult. But there is also another part to interpret such nicknames from an Indian perspective. Do such nicknames mean sympathy, closest, neighboring, or something else respectful? Please leave your responses and comments below. While putting your views or findings, please be constructive. Thank you.”

  48. rohan says:

    After visiting Nepal for many times on treks and excursions I have got my own observations. There are dozens of languages spoken in Nepal like India. Terai has Indian influence. Mountain areas have tibetan influences. The valley has mixed culture. Nepal had many kingdoms. Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Tansen Palpa, Mustang, Manang and many more kingdoms ruled parts of the land. British rulers and not modern India annexed parts into British Raj. Some of the Nepalese kings fought among themselves. Palpa king was beheaded on visit to Kathmandu and many more such episodes are found in history books. Parts of Darjeeling district was the bone of contention between the Bhutan king, Sikkim king and British rulers. Kalimpong area was mostly ruled by the Bhutan Kings for centuries. Lot of poor Indians from Bihar etc. work as barbers, tea stall owners, construction workers and low paying jobs in Nepal and also some jewellers from bengal and other professionals work in Nepal. However, lot of nepalis of of every class of society work in India. Every political trouble in Nepal is looked with suspicion towards India. If parts of Terai is flooded, some try to blame it on India. Lot of help work from Nepal into households in Indian cities. One of them commits a heinous crime and run aways, and the whole community is looked with suspicion. During the Maoist uprising, people of India used to be greeted with respect by the soldiers during half a dozen frisking operations while travelling by road if you did not speak Nepali language. As if it was a qualification not to know Nepali. Now things have changed. Basically cost of living in Nepal is lower due to absence of many taxes unlike India. Hardly anyone gives you any receipt in mid range and low range hotels. Restaurants also serve good food with much lesser cost. Nepalis in general are good people but very sensitive. If you call a UP guy a bhaiya or Keralites a Mallu, they hardly get offended but you call Nepalis by any other name and they get offended, for whatever reasons. It is not correct that lakhs of girls are brought into prostitution in big cities in India. The numbers are mythical. Due to crackdown the red light areas have become very small in every city in India.But things may happen clandestinely with consent mostly and sometimes the Madams are also from Nepal. Think of it, If any woman is forced into the trade she can easily pass on the information to the customers and she can be surely rescued. It is often need of easy money that keeps the trade going on for centuries. And girls from every state are into this profession and not only Nepal. Once economy of the general populatin improves this thing will much better. One has to visit both the countries for long visits to differentiate the issues and can not be judged through heresay. Nepal was not ruled by any other nations may be true but how good were the rulers can be judged by the condition of the population for ages. Last but not least, a simple Nepali is a great human being and as and millions of Indians admire them for their simpliicity and honesty.

  49. KVS says:

    I believe in the Dehradun and other parts of India, especially in the Indian army, the rivalry is between Indian Nepalis and Nepali Nepalis, especially between the Gurkhas for recruitment. First time I am hearing of India -Nepal rivalry. Seems harmless and only natural for a one sided relationship to seem insensitive. And of course most Indians are just plan dumb.

  50. sandyrocks says:

    I tried to read through many of these but I couldn’t finish it, for a few were enough for me to feel hurt 😦 I am an Bharatiya and I am proud of it… and I am equally proud of my neighbour, Nepal… I have a few friends from Nepal and I feel comfortable discussing anything with them whether about India or Nepal… I guess I met the intellectual lot 😛 (no offense meant, everyone is equal for me, level of reaction to stimuli and they way they react differs :))

    Since I have friends from Nepal I never considered them or stereotyped them… yes their features and looks are different… but hey!! probably India/ Bharat itself has a lot of difference in religion, caste , creed, language and god knows what else… :S

    In all, I am proud of those who have served humanity and helped others on both sides of the border and condemn those who treat people based on their facial feautres or for anything they believe makes someone inferior to them.

    I could only urge people on both side to be sensible and value each other more to have a better future for coming generations.

  51. phpprakash says:

    I have good example of how very a Nepali think about India. It’s nothing to do with me and my personal opinion but what I have seen when I was in Nepal. There was a National level football match between India and Cambodia in Kathmandu Nepal. Everyone know about India, but most of us didn’t know where is Cambodia, are the people from there look like. There are not more than 50 Cambodian in Nepal. when the game start whole stadium is supporting Cambodia against India. It was very surprise moment, why? That time I realize that how much Indian politician try to influence Nepal, two times more anti-Indian sentiment will increase. I am really surprise why those Indian Politician did not understand that?

    as I am studying here in Germany, some people ask me as I am from India(like “Are you from India?” I have also dark brown skin 🙂 even I am from mountain region 🙂 ) , at that moment I feel as I have read in a blog “worst possible insult”(I forget the name of blog may be itself 😉 ) to a Nepali, and I use to answer screaming “NOOOOOOOO” I am from “Neeeepal”(with long oooooo in no and eeee in Nepal ) :). that means not I don’t like India but we want to be Nepali as always even in case of People’s Mistake :-p

    I have a lot of very good Indian friend, we have quite similar culture, if there was problem in English we can communicate with another language but still there is some kind of rivalry between India and Nepal, I think most important reason is political.

  52. kumar Kshatri says:

    there are more of differences in the Nepalese and Indian then similarities”
    they practiced different form of Hinduism, celebrates different Hindu festivals
    Nepalese are mainly consists of SO called Aryan(not mixed with Dravidian) and Mongoloid hill tribes.
    Nepalese do go to India for do the jobs as security guards and also Indian come to Nepal even in double numbers then Nepali to to Indian and work as street vendors, Berbers,sellers of food in street. also most of the manual workers in Nepal are from madesi ( Nepalese people of Indian origin that consist more then 25 percent of Nepalese total population).
    they also have different facial features to be compared between by the majority of populations. Nepalese from the hills are lighter and tend be have similar facial features of like kasmiries and Iranians.
    to talk about the geography Nepal is small country with small population and always successful to defend against all known greatest power of history of mankind. Indian always fell in the hand of conqueror.

    most of nepalese who born in nepal hates indian people.

  53. Sanna Khadka says:

    Actually….It will be wrong to say rivalry between Indians and Nepalese, its actually hatred of Nepalese towards Indians. Nepal is a peace country but India being a more powerful nation treats Nepal like dirt. Indians mostly from the state of Bihar come in Nepal and spoil the reputation of Nepalese by begging, as Nepalese never beg (Its true, believe me? All the beggars and rapists in Nepal are Indians. Also India had taken 100,000 sq km of Nepal’s territories. And the Indians in Nepal are dirty and mannerless or are criminals. I could go on bt I think its enough. You may think Im saying this cuz Im a Nepalese bt Im not, Im saying this cuz its the reality. Im half Indian half Nepalese by the way.

  54. choosetobeunnamed says:

    That is because the Indian population really think a bit too much of themselves. Not just Nepalese, they have problems with every kind of people in the world, mainly their neighbours. They’re crazy, sexist, racist, sterotypical and we can’t help it cause they have always been brought up that way.

  55. Vikram says:

    Of course as an Indian, with all our misogyny and casteism, it is difficult for me to point fingers at others. But I must say I am surprised at the level of hatred and racism being displayed by some Nepalis here. I am particularly perturbed by whitegirlinasari’s casual statement about how ‘dhoti’ is a very common word in her house. I wonder how she would feel if someone told her that an ethnic slur for white Australians was commonly used in their house.

    There are a lot of allegations being made about how India meddles in Nepal’s politics. But not one commentator has substantiated this point. I am not saying that it doesnt happen, but I would really like more details. Please bear in mind that India maintains open borders with Nepal, despite numerous instances of terrorists using that porous border to enter into India. Many, many Indians have died in terrorist strikes, yet not once have we talked about fencing the border with Nepal, like we have with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    I understand and support the right of Nepali’s right to emphasize their sovereignty and differences they might like to emphasize vis-a-vis Indians. But doing so in such a blatantly chauvinistic and derogatory manner cannot be good for the long term future of Indo-Nepal relations.

  56. Kissme karki says:


  57. Ramesh says:

    I m sure its not only nepalies but the whole world with india n indians. The world would be much nicer, civilized, peaceful and all other beautiful things if there were no indians, the filtyest humanity in the earth. I remember me n my friends used to beat indians on the street just for fun. When a indian hate me as I being nepalies I feel honored and proud of it!

  58. Bannerjee says:

    Just came across this blog while looking for Nepali people and tourism because I was planning to make a visit there. I am an 21 year old Indian PhD student from Bangalore.
    I had NO idea something this disturbing and heinous existed. This almost sociological level of hatred of Indian by Nepalese. I have come across some disgusting hate sites on Pakistani forums, because their hatred for Indians/Hindus is deeply rooted. To see it like this from a hindu nation has angered me to an extent I cant even describe given that, I have NEVER EVER had any such notions about Nepal. or even considered it. And I can say for a fact that 100% of the people in my acquaintance don’t and never will.

    1. Yes, Nepali people come ti India as labourers, but that India has more Indian servants than any other nationality. It’s a mark of their economic status and poverty and nothing else. That doesnt mean anyone stereotypes Nepali’s, just like it doesnt mean we stereotype those working Indians. Poor is poor and they exist in every faction of every society in the world. More so in developing nations.

    2. Nepali sex trade is almost akin to what the west thinks of Thailand and the ‘happy endings’ there. Does that mean all Thai girls are prostitutes? People all over the world may avail of their services, or force them into it but its doesn’t make their entire femalehood sex workers. Which country, culture in this world is sex trade not a reality? By all your logic combined, India is responsible for all of the world’s sex trade is it? And has nothing to do with indigneous Nepalese poverty, lack of jobs, standard of living? Women face the brunt of every poor country’s follies as they have for centuries and unless they have money, always will.

    3. I went to the best boarding school in India. Welhams in Dehradun. We had many many Nepali girls there. NEVER had a problem with them. They banded together, sure, but it was more for the language, than anything else. They loved the movies, music, art and lifestyle of that boarding school as much as we did. All my 8 years there and NEVER encountered rivalry. Now, i think maybe a lot was said behind our backs in Nepali that we never understood, going by the HEINOUS comments here about Indians, their dark skinned girls. FOR THE RECORD, aishwarya rai (south indian), madhuri dixit (marathi), kareena kapoor (punjabi) are all Indians. Also, when was the last time a Nepali girl won Ms World or Ms Universe like sushmita sen, lara dutta, priyanka chopra ( all of whom you skin colored racists) would term dark skinned and thus, ugly.

    4. Since you insist on playing dirty and insanely stupid. Did every human being in Nepal actually push the tectonic plates and MAKE the Everest? ( which btw is named after a British man and not a Nepali word) No seriously, THAT’S how devoid someone has to be of things to be proud of that you TAKE PRIDE IN NATURAL PHENOMENON? *slow clap everyone, take a bow, seriously take a bow*

    5. Is your country Buddhist? truly look up the facts, is it? Your pride is invested in the fact that “a man who didn’t believe in boundaries, physical and spiritual, whose religion the majority of your population doesn’t follow, whose teachings were spread by Emperor Ashoka of India through Indian emissarries throughout the world, whose original monastery is situated in Bodh Gaya in Bihar under the tree where he attained enlightenment,” WAS BORN THERE????? THAT’S YOUR STAKE? WHAT A BUNCH OF INSECURE CHILDREN. WOW. JUST WOW.

    6. I don’t want to make this ugly but i’m so enraged I’ll make this final point. YOUR racism stems from skin colour and fetaures (*puke*) courtesy of being descendants of Chengis Khan and mongol warriors, the worst barbarians and rapists on the face of this planet, worse than Hitler. Then take a bow people. Apparently if you’re fair skinned, all is forgiven. Hitler, btw had very pretty blue eyes.
    Apparently being fair and better looking makes you a better race, no matter what their achievements or ills.
    I AM SO DISGUSTED BY THIS REPEATED OBSERVATION IN THE COMMENTS, that i sincerely hope whatever God you pray to gives of some Buddhist enlightenment and some less shallowness and vanity. For a race claiming to bepeace loving and nice, your hearts in these comments just show how nauseatingly shallow you really are. I am an Indian Buddhist btw. I do’t have mongloid features. I have dark skinned beautiful Bengali features and i will never be ashamed of my dark skin cause my heart is so much better than all you disgusting racists out there. So don’t you bother claiming Budhha, when you KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIM OR HIS TEACHINGS. Also, if he were alive to read your comments today, he would probably not even want to associate with the hating, sexist, racist likes of you lot.

    7. When was the last time Nepal sent a satellite to the moon, won a Nobel Prize, found a cure for a disease, made a car or any software product? A nation is judged by its achievements and ability to provide economic opportunities for its people to grow and be the best they can be. India is trying its best to deal with being a 60 yr old independent country with a vast variety of problems. But at least, it still somehow manages to invent things and do all of the above despite repeat bombings, threats, enormous size and problems. How about your politicians learn to govern a country of the size of one of our smallest states, make it prosperous, economically viable, bring it on the global map. Then perhaps turn to India and criticize it for all it follies. Because despite all of those it’s still trying very hard unlike you, who only sit there and look for a nation to blame for all your ills while doing ZERO introspection. Armchair hatred. Your girls wouldn’t have to go to India and their world class boarding schools and universities and corporate firms if your nation managed to provide them no?

    8. Let go of the negativity, the hatred, the supposed “victimhood”. It’s worse than Islamic fundamentalists. In fact most of your comments are worse than those of hardcore Islamists. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. Just because Pakistan and China are horrible to India, am I supposed to hate all Pakistanis and Chinese? By your logic, YES!! DISGUSTING.
    Perhaps, Nepal should align with Pakistan and try to hide Osama’s number 2 together. After all, an enemy’s enemy is a friend right. Just like China. Once the drones come and the US visas are revoked, i’m sure you’ll realize who the seriously bad guys are. And how the Indians were only trying to make the best of a bad deal they were handed by the British.
    If your nation wanted to be great, it would be great if the leaders and people wanted it. STOP HATING. Be like Buddha who you LOVE to claim your stake to but not follow.

    I will always remember this heinous discussion and site, though I will try not to judge Nepali people through it, it will be VERY hard but I’m a Buddhist, so i have no choice but to try and i will. But I will never bother visiting it, like I wanted to. It can stay there and take pride in its ability to move tectonic plates and create mountains and give birth to Lords and their ability to wield a khukri.(one of the oldest martial arts, kalari, is Indian btw)
    I hear the Andes are pretty great, the Christ Redeemer beautiful and belong to a less hostile, racist, disgusting people.
    PS: The reason who have a number system, algebra, trigonometry, zero, cotton, clothing, surgery, higgs boson, ink, among many many other things is because some bastard Indian invented it.
    Also, I suppose Nepal became a Hindu nation organically and in isolation, because obviously at no point was it ever presided over by the Indian Mauryans, Guptas and Rajputs. That MUST be a lie. Even it’s name being a Sankrit Indian word must be a fabrication.

    • ppp says:

      21 year old phd student,,, did u did your kindergarten inside yr mothers womb ,,???? seriously i wud like to know since when did u start yr schooling//

    • Nationalist says:

      > I went to the best boarding school in India. Welhams in Dehradun. We had many many Nepali girls there.

      There are parts of GREATER NEPAL in India that LEGALLY BELONG TO NEPAL. India and Indians don’t support it (will never), but NEPAL LEGALLY OWNS THOSE PARTS.


      Ah, the same old ignorance on the part of Indians, Mr. PhD, do you even care to learn it’s real cause? Land Encroachment, SSB rape, murder, political manipulation, political demands, and Nepal’s DIS-integration.

      These are the facts of Nepalese life, which exist BECAUSE of India. Do you care to understand our pain? NO? YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

      > When was the last time Nepal sent a satellite to the moon, won a Nobel Prize, found a cure for a disease, made a car or any software product?

      India does NOT even allow us to build Roads, you want us to send Satellite to Moon. LOL. Many software are made by Nepalese, you just don’t know about it. As for car, there’s an OFFROAD vehicle called “MUSTANG”.

      As for cure of disease, there’s one, I only have a Nepali name, sory about that, but we have done it. You also know NOTHING.

      > How about your politicians learn to govern a country of the size of one of our smallest states, make it prosperous, economically viable, bring it on the global map.

      HOW about India stop interfering in Nepal’s politics?

      > i will never be ashamed of my dark skin cause my heart is so much better than all you disgusting racists out there

      I can’t believe you actually said that. Don;t you know about India’s blind obsession for fair skin? NO? Do your PhD on it too, I bet you’ll be surprised with India’s “ANTI-Racism”.

      > if he were alive to read your comments today, he would probably not even want to associate with the hating, sexist, racist likes of you lot.

      Indians always spread the false message that Buddha was born in India, your intention is NO different. And oh, how can we forget the FAKE Lumbini?

      > Hitler, btw had very pretty blue eyes.
      Ah you noted that quite well, it seems – you wanted to be in his category of “pure Aryans”.

      > MAKE the Everest? ( which btw is named after a British man and not a Nepali word) No seriously, THAT’S how devoid someone has to be of things to be proud of that you TAKE PRIDE IN NATURAL PHENOMENON?

      The Nepali word is “Sagarmatha”, the name “Everest” has it’s own story. We never took “pride” in it, it’s there, it’s good for Nepal, that’s it.

      > Nepali sex trade is almost akin to what the west thinks of Thailand and the ‘happy endings’ there.

      Those are the victim of HUMAN TRAFFICKING, who are deceptively sent to India’s brothels, where only few “lucky” manage to escape.

      > Nepali people come ti India as labourers

      Indians do in Nepal what Nepalese do in India, actually worse. You should notice it if you come here, and watch closely.

      > I suppose Nepal became a Hindu nation organically and in isolation

      What was the subject that you did your PhD in? Must be Nepal, no doubt, as you know so much about our Country. But yes, you must have missed this one in your “PhD”, but Nepal and India both have VEDIC origin, and background.

      And oh, don’t try to make it look like ALL the Indians love Nepalese, alright, I have seen how much Indians hate Nepalese, and how much they insult us (does NOT apply to all Indians, but many DO hate us).

      • India says:

        There is one big difference. Every Nepalese is about a foot shorter than Indinns, especially urban middle class Indians. The average height of all Nepalese men (especially those who come to work here) seems to be less than 5 feet.
        And don’t be under the facade that you were never ruled by anybody. That’s because you were always an poor, economically marginal region where it made no sense for any invader,, Mughal, British or Maratha to conquer. Why attack when there is no money to be made. Other areas, the Gangetic Plain, Decccan, Assam etc were always more propserous and made more sense for any potential conqueror. Remember in you own hostory, Rapjuts fleeing Islamic invasions in Rajasthan don’t have too much trouble taking over your tribal kingdoms by force. You guys may be brave, but that wouldn’t have detered any invading army in case you had something valuable to defend.

        Also, Pahari Hindus in Kumaon/ Garhwal have a lot more in common with upper caste Hindu Indians than mongoloid Nepalese. You can’t call these regions ‘ Greater Nepal’ by any stretch of imagination.

      • Nationalist says:

        You know what, @India? I read your comment a couple of days ago, but decided not to waste my time quarrelling, but the extent of your mis-information forced me to reply anyway..

        >There is one big difference. Every Nepalese is about a foot shorter than Indinns, especially urban middle class Indians

        WRONG. I’m 6 ft Tall. “dwarfness” is not a physical feature exclusive to Nepalis. Compared to the IA (Indo-Aryans), Mongoloids are shorter, but this does not apply to younger generation here, they are just as tall (thesedays).

        > “don’t be under the facade that you were never ruled by anybody. That’s because you were always an poor, economically marginal region where it made no sense for any invader,, Mughal, British or Maratha to conquer

        You guys may be brave, but that wouldn’t have detered any invading army in case you had something valuable to defend.”

        That’s a Failed Logic, and even more of a historical ignorance, seriously. Nepal actually WON 3 out of 5 battles against British.

        Nepal had actually won 4 battles inspite of technological inferiority and being outnumbered.

        When the British realized they would not win, they cut off water supply, and waited for days until Nepalese were simply exhausted, due to hunger and thirst. That’s how British won 2/5 and Nepal WON 3/5 battles.

        The British gave 15 days ultimatum for Nepal to surrender, but Nepal did not, and it’s a historical FACT that there was concern among British that another war with Nepal would occur.

        Nepal signed the treaty of peace (and HANDOVER of 1/3 of land) to British on 93rd day.

        When the British left your country, they made another treaty with Nepal which legally RETURNS/GIVES the land ownership BACK to Nepal.

        And before you come to argue with me again, remember one thing – if Nepal was occupying some part of India that legally belonged to India, you’d have said the same thing, you’d want what you OWN back. So no need to shout at us.

        Q1) if Marathas, Mughals were so powerful, what made India a British colony for more than 100 years??

        Q2) Why did they lose when they had such “valuable to defend”??

        > Also, Pahari Hindus in Kumaon/ Garhwal have a lot more in common with upper caste Hindu Indians than mongoloid Nepalese.

        I am a High Caste Hindu, and “Indo-Aryan”.

        The fact that you think that Nepal is a Mongoloid majority nation (that’s what you mean by “Mongoloid Nepalese”), proves that you don’t know much about Nepal.

  59. rohan says:

    some are talking too big. yes, indians are proud to be indians and vice versa. but to say indians are bad people is wrong. if it is so nepal can close the border for a few days. they will fall in love with india overnight and not vice versa.

    • Nepali says:

      — ” they will fall in love with india overnight and not vice versa”

      Learn to see what ill your side has done before pointing finger at others. We wont fall in love in India, the only reason that your comment is valid is because our country is land locked, but land locked countries can be self-sustaining, we would be too (we were in the past), but now the politics in managed by bully India.

      your country steals land from us, then also publishes fake news that we stole your land, land encroachment is THE reason of all this hatred.

      You don’t see how you have strangled others, how you have pissed them off, but you take pleasure in pointing finger at others when they protest back. Hypocrite.

  60. Basically A Human like you says:

    It is USELESS people , reading throughthis blog just made me sad really. I am a Nepali by blood, yet I was born in Delhi. Nepalese are a mix of races ranging from -mongolians-to tibetan-burmese-to aryans( hence the vast difference in looks).When we read or rather if we all sit down and educate ourselves about how the races of the world originated and migrated , we come to realize , the first human race – which originated in Africa , then spread out throughout the (current) middle east – northern europe – the Aryan clan originated from what is now “Iran” – the word “Arya” , derived from the word ‘Ira’ , which is what is now ‘Iran’. The tribe, migrated via the plateaus of Afghanistan (which didn’t exist back then) , then into Pakistan (again didn’t exist back then) , then mixed with the ‘ORIGINAL INHABITANTS OF CURRENT INDIA’ – the Dravidians(Southern region Indians)! So ,who is of a pure race and who is not , is something rather hard to trace and pretty useless to argue over isn’t it? India didn’t become a unified full functioning republic before it’s independence in 1947, it comprised of scattered states, ruled by many disputing kings, who hated each other, just like in Nepal , which wasn’t a unified kingdom before King Prithvi Narayan united it.That has nothing to do with any of this. The girl who wrote this- “It honestly makes me sad that someone from a far away place like you,can love a different race, and not our own”.Now let’s come down to reality- When I was studying in USA, regardless of my looks or the language I spoke, some Indian students and I got acquainted through our school work, and over months of working with them day-in and day- out , I realized than , in a land so far away from home , where you have noone to call yours , these Indian students were the closest I came to feeling home, and they would come up to me and tell me the same thing – that we Nepalese were the closest they felt to feeling home, away from home. And it was because all these Indian students , like the Nepalese students who go there – with the same hopes and dreams of getting a foreign degree- a good job- maybe even a work permit- all struggle the same way. We learned to put aside all our differences -geographical,cultural,linguistic- WHATEVER and just be good friends and be there for each other! There were no other agendas at all just good human-to human relation and THATS IT!!! All of these lowly remarks , racist slurs , comes out of people who have very little exposure to each other’s real culture. Nepal is a country with more than 130 ethnic groups , more than 127 languages are spoken here, just like in India. But what has a country’s political difference, or be it economical, financial, even historical got to do with one’s relation with another human?? We are both countries struggling to find our places in the world, the rest of the world categorizes us “South Asians” – pretty much in the same level – developing economies! But the point is not this, the point is – we are all going to have to share our resources, our borders , regardless of “what an indian thinks or a few Nepalis” , so we may as well learn to accept our neighbors and love them, embrace everyone. Every country has their own fair-share of people living under absolute poverty be it Nepal(with a smaller population)or India(with billions) or China.I think we tend to overlook the fact that , if we were to remove our one tracked nationalist views , all we’d really want is to see every poor people find some economic stability, a roof over their heads, proper education (esp. not seeing any of our women sell their bodies) whether it is in INDIA OR NEPAL OR CHINA!! The bitter truth is every common man’s woes – WE ALL SUFFER THE SAME! So we have to learn to stick together!!None of these above discussions are going to do any of us any good, change your perspective about the world people , there are much-much more worse issues around you right now don’t sit here posting useless things,which has absolutely no productivity in real life!! Do YOUR DUTY as a moral-just human being and that’s it!!

  61. Bibek says:

    This rivalry stems largely from a geopolitical issue.
    There was a time some 50 years ago when Indian text books claimed Mt. Everest was in India.
    There was a time (and I think some still do), when Indians did not recognize Lumbini as birthplace of Siddartha Gautam, and insisted he was born some place in India, completely overlooking all archaeological evidence.
    If a Nepali meets an Indian, the Indian will automatically assume that they speak Hindi, and will start to speak to you in Hindi. I’ve experience this myself more than once. I do not speak Hindi. I barely understand it. (I did not grow up watching as much Indian TV serials as many others did, apparently).
    Indians like to stereotype Nepalese as security guards and watchmen, and Nepalese like to stereotype Indians as vegetable peddlers and dhoti wearers.
    Every year hundreds of Nepalese girls and women are trafficked into India and sold into prostitution..
    New Delhi likes to meddle into Nepalese political affairs all the time. It is largely and implicitly understood that any and all political roadblock that Nepal faces, has something to do with ‘failing clearance’ in New Delhi.
    Every few months you will get to hear that in some place in Terai, Indians encroached Nepalese border.
    Nepal, being a landlocked country, depends upon India for seaport access, and we got only one access granted, which happens to be in West Bengal. A few years back a deal was struck with Bangladesh to open another access point, which India did not agree to. As such, economy of Nepal is also largely bottlenecked by India.You can imagine some resentment stemming from this front as well.

    I’m sure there are some more other issues that you could pile up if you looked harder, but the thing is, if you look at the bigger picture, the Indian game plan has always been to keep Nepal barely above water level. It has always been to keep Nepal struggling and entirely dependent upon India for anything and everything, and unfortunately in the geopolitical context, Nepal does not have much of a say in the matter. As a result, the general populace of Nepal suffers, and as always, fingers gets pointed at India, and rightly so, I might add.

    In stark contrast, Nepal does not contribute an iota towards how Indian policies are drawn up. Decisions in Nepalese cabinet does not even register in Indian populace. And for some reason, this gives some of the Indians who get an opportunity to interact with Nepalese people, a sort of superiority complex. But at the end of the day, India is a big country with population upwards of a billion. Logically, a vast majority of their population would not even be aware of this rivalry, especially when you consider that Nepal has got nothing to do with their daily lives. However, Nepal is a small landlocked country with a population of around 30 million and all their population is affected in their daily lives by what New Delhi decides. This is an open secret and Indians get hated by most Nepalese for this exact reason.

  62. anshul says:

    Really sad to read negative comments for Indians. Never thought Nepalese (not all) have so much hate for us. Me and my colleagues planned a trip to visit there. After coming across to this blog feeling offended. Grow up guys find reasons to love not to hate.

    • Nepali says:

      Mr. Anshul, India has 1.2 billion population, I hope at least thousand Indians will look deeper and understand the matter.

      The hatred is NOT coming from us, Your Country, your rulers ‘seed’ that hatred in us. Why don’t most Indians like Pakistan? Because it funds terrorism in India.

      Can I blame YOU for hating Pakistan?
      Can I attack you by saying that your hatred is based on “Anti-Pakistan” mindset or “Anti-Pakistan” brainwashing?

      That’s the same for us, we love our Country, but India steals our Land, the Government keeps quiet because the politics is controlled by India. When you have a country so small, every mm of it matters, but India has stolen tens of thousands of hectares of land, and continues to do so.

      Don’t listen to those Indians who bring China in this scene. China is a Scapegoat, nothing more,

      I do NOT personally hate Indians, all this “hatred” is because of Land Encroachment.

  63. Tarun Rawal says:

    Hello white girl in a saree and my other nepali brothers, I am Tarun from India.
    This post has attracted a lot of replies from both sides of the border. I would like to clear the air from an Indians perspective :

    1.,As far as darjeeling and “Greater Nepal” goes,for how many years were they under Nepals control? 20 years and that is it.Before which it was an indian territory.They captured it for 20 years.It was an Indian territory for 100s of year and nepal captured it for 20 years,it becomes theirs?Defies my logic.

    2.Rivalry – There is no rivalry,only hatred, and that too only in napalese side for indians. We indians are not even aware of it.We Indians have always considered them as our brothers and sisters.

    3. Stereotyping – Just like we call them “bahadur” here,they call us “dhotis” there. Whats the difference?From my experience you will find all kind of people everywhere. The good mannered,loud or bad mannered.Both in nepal and India.

    What I believe is this hatred is all planted by politicians in the nepalese youth,to mask there incompetence,and,I believe as Rabindra would have matured further in past 4 years a lot would have already changed.

    The real problem of napelese outside of nepal is that of Identity.Let alone nepal even bangladeshi and pakistanis are confused for being indians. That is no reason to hate india
    We Indians have immense love for Nepal and have so much in common we sometimes out of love might tell them that they are almost Indians.

    I feel it is about time napelese youth leave petty issues like location of mt everest and birthplace of lord buddha and focus on nepals development.

    I would also like to inform you that we have immense respect for the gurkha brothers who have laid there life for my motherland,and in no way doubt the valor and courage of napelese people.But did u know that almost 90% of the Victoria Crosses initially given were given to garwhali people who used to be enrolled in gurkha rifles before garhwal rifles was born.

    I would also like to draw a comparision between Bhutan and Nepal here,but how different they have been towards dealing with Indian politics. So is it Indians to blame to meddle in nepalese affairs. Isnt Nepal equally or more responsible?Why to hate indian common man for the same? If bhutan could do it why couldnt nepal?

    Give my regards to Rabindra Dai.Even though he hates us,what he will get from us Indians is just love and respect for our nepali brothers and sisters.

    Jai Nepal.
    Jai Hind.

  64. anil says:

    The reason Indians think that way for Nepalis is the progressive idiology in nepali culture and conservatism in indian culture.
    Nepalis are much wider in thinking but indians can only think about carrrer, marriage, society etc.
    You can take the example of ireland and england.
    India can be considered as england and nepal as ireland for traditions.

  65. Avishek Sharma says:

    I think the dislike (?) Nepalese have for Indians stems from a difference in perception and attitude. Nepalese are a bit easy going by nature, in their speech, treatment of each other. The Nepalese usually address each other respectfully as “dai/bhai,” or “didi/bahini” (brother/sister). The whole Indian way of addressing each other in the manner of “tu aisa karr, tu waisa karr” sounds disrespectful and jarring to the Nepalese ears. For the Nepalese aggression is something left for battlefield. Indians on the other hand seem to be bent on dominating each other even in their daily discourse. At least that is what it sounds like to Nepalese people when we hear Indians speak and talk to each other. The disrespect is something incomprehensible to Nepalese. When Indians come to Nepalese people and start saying “Tu bahadur aisa karr, waisa karr,” then that blows the fuse of Nepalese, who almost never speak to each other in that manner. It might be way of endearment to the Indians or a way of exhibiting affection and brotherhood, but never would the Nepalese ever address a junior with the Nepali equivalent of “Tan” (Hindi Tu) unless he or she were an own sibling.

    And then there is the whole Greater Nepal thing, which is a stupid issue. But there are genuine concerns relating to border encroachment, and the terrorizing, and torture of villagers at the border areas by Indian BSF which gets a lot of print in Nepal media, as it naturally will. There is also the perception that Indians are dishonest (not that Nepalese and completely honest themselves as the rampant crime and corruption in Nepal shows) which finds expression in the Nepalese saying of old, “One dead Indian will out-trick 10 living Nepalese.”

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