Two year anniversary

Today is our two year anniversary! It’s gone so quick and we’ve faced so many challenges in such a short time but we are stronger than ever!

When you are unsure about your future together and where you will be in the world, every little moment in the now matters.

Over the past few days I’ve been sick and was admitted to hospital with a serious infection. Rabindra has looked after me and made sure I was eating and drinking enough.

We also exchanged a few gifts and he was so excited to give me my present and see my reaction he woke me up at midnight. I loved it!

Happy anniversary Rabindra- you’re the light of my life x

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6 Responses to Two year anniversary

  1. Grace says:

    Go you!!

    Hope you two had a great time and that you are feeling better!

    Good on your man for taking care of you…

    It is interesting now that I am all knocked up how obsessed Vishav is with my health, eating habits etc!


    Sweeties they are!

  2. americanepali says:


  3. Jubeee says:

    Congrats! I’ve never been to a year 2 mark, its quite the accomplishment!

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