Child trafficking in Asia

I follow a group on Facebook called Grassroot Movement in Nepal.

They recently posted a video about child trafficking showing how small girls and young women are drugged and sent to Mumbai to become sex slaves.

Girls are forced to have sex and if they refuse, they are beaten, aggressively raped and burnt. Some die from torture. Others suicide because the emotional and physical pain is too much.

It’s hideous and heartbreaking stuff.

Child trafficking is not a new crime so many of you might not be alarmed.

The research I’ve read about child trafficking is that it happens in all parts of the world but in Asia it’s particularly bad. And it’s usually girls who come from poor and uneducated families who are targeted.

I wanted to share this video because it’s especially focused on Nepalese girls.

Child trafficking and sexual exploitation are a clear violation of human rights.

But how come little progress is being made to protect these girls?

Yes, there will always be malicious criminals who take advantage of innocent children but why is it that organisations such as the United Nations, UNICEF and international police networks can’t shutdown these known “hotspots” where such disgusting criminal activity occurs.

Please watch the video and tell me what you think

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5 Responses to Child trafficking in Asia

  1. SadAndAngry says:

    I am a grown man – this video brought tears into my eyes several times while watching the gut-wrenching accounts of the victims. The perpetrators of such horrific crimes (at every level – including the Johns) should be severely punished. I don’t see why the Indian government can’t send an Army division to encircle the entire red-light district, evacuate every single victim and jail the rest and then bulldoze the entire area to the ground.

    I was impressed by the work done by Maiti, particularly its founder – she indeed is a saint by all accounts. I hope folks who see this video decide to contribute in whatever way possible to her organization. I know I will.

  2. laurel hopper says:

    This is the saddest documentary I have ever seen. It is unbelievable that human beings are even capable of committing such cruel acts. I personally plan to donate to Maiti Nepal, I think Anuradha Koirala is amazing, wonderful that she won the hero of the year award. Thank you for this post!

  3. ~rangi-changi~ says:

    I cannot bring myself to watch the video – I have read so many stories about Nepali girls being trafficked, it makes me sick inside. What is horrible is that often the family sells their daughter to the traffickers – this is also the case in Thailand. It is also sad that Kathmandu has developed more of a sex tourism industry in the last decade. I first visited Ktm 10 years ago and was last there in ’09 and it is shocking to see how many ‘dance bars’ and ‘cabin restaurants’ have sprung up in areas like Chabahil and the commercial area around Pashupatinath, catering to Indian tourists. I remember reading an article in the Economist a few years ago(when Maoists were still extorting money from trekkers) saying this was the intent of the NTB, to market Nepal as a sex tourism destination to Indians since tourists from other countries were afraid of the Maoists. Disgusting.

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