Laugh until your stomach hurts

When was the last time you laughed until your stomach hurt?

Last night, in a McDonalds car park, Rabindra and I were waiting to pick up my brother and we just started laughing…about nothing.

We couldn’t stop, we were laughing continuously for about 20 minutes. Everyime we tried to talk, we couldn’t breathe.

After a stressful day being stuck in meetings and with my anxiety high, I surprised myself that I could relax enough to just laugh.

It made me wonder, in the times when work and home commitments can take over our lives, we sometimes forget to take the time to just have a laugh.

Whether it’s your friends, mum or partner, it’s nice to know that laughing will always take some of the shitiness out of a bad day.

My friends, all over the world, are usually the ones who make me laugh until my stomach hurts…you all know who you are.

This is a quick post just to say…don’t forget to have a laugh today 🙂

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